10 Reasons To Love Taco-Based Marketing

By August 16, 2016
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By now, you’ve probably heard of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) – a strategy that enables sales reps and marketers to send targeted, personalized messages to a group of  accounts that are a good fit for your business. Many Account-Based Marketing practitioners use direct mail in their ABM strategy. It’s a great way to get those targeted prospects really jazzed about working with you. This got our team wondering… what is something that people would be really excited to receive? It’s summer, the sun is out… we’re thinking about fiestas, we are thinking about tacos.

Introducing Taco Based Marketing. That’s right, Taco Based Marketing. For those that take the time to see our EverString Audience Platform this quarter, we will send you everything you need for your Taco Tuesday Fiesta. We call it a Fiesta in a Box. What is a Fiesta in a Box, you ask? Think tequila, margarita mix, and basically everything you need to have the perfect Taco Tuesday Fiesta.

If you’re not a true believer in the magical powers a good taco can have, check out our 10 reasons to love ‘Taco-Based Marketing’ or TBM as we like to call it.

1. Tacos are a great conversation starter. Want to taco ’bout predictive?

2. People think about tacos all the time.

taco gif

3. You feel like you have super powers after you’ve had a taco.

4. There’s a whole day each week dedicated to Tacos.

taco tuesday

5. You can’t imagine life without tacos—we definitely can’t.

6. When you stress about how you’re going to hit your MQL goals for the quarter, but then you think about tacos instead and everything is magical again:

taco gif

7. That moment when you receive your  Fiesta in a Box and you immediately break into Taco Tuesday festivities.

taco based marketing

8. Tacos + Marketing makes you do a happy dance.

drake tacos

9. You feel like a Queen after rolling out Taco-Based Marketing.

taco queen

10. You and your sales team are both pumped up about sending out a Fiesta in a Box!

Get an EverString demo to see Taco-Based Marketing in action and get your very own Fiesta in a Box!

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