23 Marketing Jokes To Brighten Your Day

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When marketers feel the pressure of hitting their quota or launching a new product, they often forget why they chose marketing in the first place — it’s pure fun!

When I feel stressed out, I gather myself by remembering some great advice I received: ‘Nobody dies in Marketing’. We’re not heart surgeons or police officers where we have people’s lives at stake. As Marketers, we thrive by experimenting and having fun. So to inject a little bit of humor into your day, here are some marketing jokes I’ve either made up or heard from others. Enjoy…

Q: How did the beekeeper expand his business?

A: He focused on bee-to-bee (B2B).

Q: How many marketing ops specialists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: None — they’ve automated it.

Q: What snacks do social media marketers love to eat?

A: Insta-gram crackers.

Q: Why do SEO experts love driving during rush hour?

A: They appreciate the traffic.

Q: Why did the marketer get fired as a tap dancer?

A: He wanted to get paid per click.

Q: Why did the marketer build a fence around her house?

A: She likes to gate all of her assets.

Q: How do product marketers get rid of houseflies?

A: A SWOT analysis.

Q: Why was the movie director fascinated by download buttons?

A: He loves calls to action!

Q: How did the Marcom manager open the hood of her car?

A: She had to press release.

Q: How are NASCAR drivers and marketers similar?

A: They always try to capture leads.

Q: What do a browser and an oven have in common?

A: They both accept cookies.

Q: Why did the email marketer’s monkey breeding business fail?

A: All he had were Mail chimps.

Q: What’s the best way to market cat food?

A: Develop buyer purrr-sonas.

Q: How do email marketers shop for trampolines?

A: They check for bounce rate.

Q: Did you hear about the Dracula campaign?

A: It’s a good example of A-Count based marketing

Q: What’s a pirate’s favorite type of content?

A: A webinAAARRRR!

Q: Why did the lawyer switch her career to demand gen?

A: She was big on influencer marketing.

Q: What do a therapist and GDPR have in common?

A: They care about your privacy.

Q: Why did the content marketer keep all her receipts?

A: She has a thing for white papers.

Q: Why did the marketer present in front of a mirror?

A: He wanted to have a look-alike audience.

Q: Why did the marketer and the salesperson go to the mechanic?

A: They needed alignment.

Q: What did the email marketer bring to the potluck?

A: Spam

Q: Why didn’t the digital marketer want to pay for groceries?

A: She prefers organic.

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