3 Internal Teams Your Sales Reps Should Cozy Up To

By January 29, 2016
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As sales reps well know, speed and efficiency are essential to the success of a closed deal. Any good sales rep is constantly looking for ways to optimize their processes for those two variables.

We at Apttus specialize in accelerating sales processes, and we’ve determined that the fastest sales cycles result from interconnected and aligned departments across the company.

In this post, we’ll identify the three teams in your organization, that you, a sales rep, should cozy up to.

1. Finance

Picture this: you have just done an acrobatic number on this deal, I mean it’s basically pure magic. It’s not by any means a one-call-close, you’ve put your blood sweat and tears into this. Now you’ve closed it, and your first email from this new customer is a viciously angry email about an incorrect invoice. After all that work, they’re threatening to stop their paid trial.

Get close with your finance team to avoid this. Sit next to them at lunch, bring them coffee every once in a while–whatever you can do to make sure you are top-of-mind. Better yet, consider a revenue management software. I can’t tell you how much this has smoothed out our invoicing process. Invoicing may not be glamorous, but nothing can irk your new customer (or contract customer!) more than being overcharged on the first billing cycle, or any billing cycle for that matter. With the help of revenue management software, your teams can avoid these mistakes and ensure a smooth process from closed deal to renewal.

2. Legal

Back to our imaginary scenarios. Let’s say you do hit the jackpot. You get a one-call-close. There’s ooing and awing and you are impressed with yourself (and rightly so!). You ask your legal team to draw up a contract ASAP. You wait a few hours, it’s getting later in the day, and you’re getting pretty concerned. Your record fast deal is now in a pile of to-dos for your legal team.

Don’t let this be you. Make friends with legal. They probably won’t give you priority just because you’re buddies, but they’ll understand your excitement and be personally invested in helping you out.

If you really want to streamline this relationship with legal, consider using  a contract management software. This tool integrates into your CRM platform to bridge the gap between sales and legal teams. Not to mention, your sales team can act on a dime and your legal team doesn’t have to sweat bullets worrying about promises outside the scope of a contract. With legal professionals stating that 65% of their time is lost due to administrative tasks, automating processes can certainly help them increase their productivity, while helping you get that contract out ASAP.

3. Marketing

Sales and marketing teams are now extensions of one another. If you’re not BFFs with the marketing team, put that relationship at the top of your priority list.

If your relationship is rocky, consider a predictive marketing platform. Predictive marketing helps you and your marketing team get on the same page about what your best customer looks like.

Most rocky sales and marketing relationships result from one of two things:

  1. Marketing is delivering a massive quantity of leads, very few of which you are interested in calling
  2. Marketing has a pretty good idea of who you need to be talking to, but they can’t seem to generate enough of those kinds of leads

Either way, predictive marketing can help. Predictive uses the data in your CRM and hundreds of thousands of signals across the web to determine what your best customer looks like. That means no more arguments with marketing. Your data doesn’t have opinions or hunches; it just has facts.

In conclusion MAKE FRIENDS—and use the tools out there to support the friendships that result in a speedy, successful sales process.

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