3 Ways to Kick Your Summer Marketing Campaigns Into High Gear

By August 3, 2016
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Summer, summer, summertime. Time for your campaigns to sit back and unwind – right? I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like the summer months are traditionally kind of a dull period for revenue teams.

Between the aftermath of a busy tradeshow schedule and planned vacations, it can hard to brainstorm or launch anything new when your teams are daydreaming about sipping mimosas by the beach. It’s August already, people! Can you believe it? Have you done anything you’re super proud of this summer? It’s not too late.

Break from the norm and follow the 3 ways to kick your summer marketing campaigns into high gear!

Kickstarter 1 – Make Prospects Fall in Love with Personalized Content

Whether you’ve already embraced Account-Based Marketing (ABM), or you’re making it your big summer strategy – you may be wondering about whether or not it lives up to the hype. Let me tell you, when done right, it actually does! The key to a successful ABM initiative is personalized content.

Using personalized content enables you to be successful with your ABM strategy. Don’t worry; it’s easier than you think (and I promise it doesn’t mean creating 1,000 ebooks). Take a look at this graph below. You don’t need to create custom ebooks for every single one of your target accounts, but you do want to be creating relevant content. Creating one-to-one content for every account just isn’t scalable. There’s an easy solution—create tiers for your target accounts.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.21.09 AM


Not every target account needs the same level of customization. Creating tiers for your target accounts makes it easier to determine which level of personalization you need to apply for each tier. You want to tier your accounts depending on how much they mean to your business, and how much of your teams’ time you’re willing to dedicate to get them in your sales funnel.

Tier 1 accounts should receive the most customized content. That includes custom ebooks, dedicated webinars, and custom whitepapers. For Tier 2 & 3 target accounts, look to your current content inventory and see what you can change to make your content relevant for your accounts. For example, for your Tier 2 accounts, consider adding the account logo to the cover page of an existing ebook and marketing some copy changes that makes the content feel personal to that account. For Tier 3 accounts, you can add a new cover page, introduction, and conclusion to an existing piece of content that makes the content relevant to an industry, vertical, or predictive insight relevant to your Tier 3 accounts.

Kickstarter 2 – Capture the Attention of Your Prospects on Social

Once you’ve mastered personalized content, it’s time to face your fears and tackle account-based social. Social media is a high-value strategy that you can use to build relationships with your target accounts.

Use social media to see what your prospects are talking about, or what they’re interested in. This can help your sales and marketing teams understand what your target accounts truly care about.

Pro tip #1: Have your sales team build out private lists on their Twitter accounts to listen to what their prospects are saying. Encourage them to re-tweet relevant content or share new content with prospects on social channels.

Pro tip #2: Engage the decision maker at your key accounts on social media. For example, if you were going after a business like Engagio, you would want to engage Jon Miller on Twitter. If he posts an article that’s interesting to your business or industry, have everyone on your team re-tweet it to capture his attention.

Pro tip #3: When you’re ready to take your account-based social to the next level, check out how you can hone-in on your target accounts using social media advertising.

Kickstarter 3 – Bring It All Together with 360 Campaigns

Last but not least, get creative this summer by rolling out a 360 marketing campaign. What do I mean by this? Get your team in a room and put your heads together to create a fun, marketing campaign that includes touchpoints with content, social, web, email, demand generation, video, events and direct mail.

A great way to brainstorm a 360 marketing campaign is to think through where you want to start, or how you can add more touchpoints to an upcoming campaign. Think about upcoming ebooks, video series, events or accelerator campaigns.

For example, when we were thinking through our 360 Between Two Dragons campaign, we used video as the starting point because we knew that we wanted to have a new video for each new episode of Season 6 of Game of Thrones. The videos then fed into weekly email campaigns, which we sent from a different character each week to keep it real for the true fans. We also used direct mail by hosting weekly giveaways! With 360 campaigns, usually one touchpoint can lead to another, and so on and so forth.

For more details and the step-by-step instructions on the 3 ways you can kick your summer marketing campaigns into high gear, be sure to watch the webinar!

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