4 Lessons Cardi B Can Teach Us About B2B Marketing

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This week, the world of art and music celebrates an exciting event. No, it’s not Kanye West Does Broadway. It’s better… It’s Cardi B’s birthday week, Okuuuurt! 😛 

On October 11th, 1992 the world was graced with a baby Cardi B., born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. Today’s post is dedicated to the surprising B2B marketing lessons we can learn from Cardi B, a self-proclaimed “regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx”.

Stay Fresh

Cardi B. stays in the spotlight partly because she’s always releasing new music. She doesn’t just wait for studio albums. For years, she has been releasing mixtapes and singles. She’s constantly creating videos and writing new lyrics. Her hard work is paying off. In 2017, “Bodak Yellow” reached #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, making her the first female rapper to do that since Lauryn Hill in 1998 (and the 5th of all time).

Freshness matters for B2B marketing teams, too. Be sure to keep marketing campaigns relevant and timely. Don’t be afraid to reference pop culture, too. Find what’s trending. Listen to what people are chatting about in your space. Adjust your messaging based on performance and keep refreshing your nurture content. Don’t let the material get stale.

For ideas of how you can keep your content game fresh, here’s a great article from Marketing Profs: How Agile Can Help You Balance Content Quality and Quantity.

Beyond fresh content, leveraging the latest marketing tech will help keep your team going strong. Tools for content marketing (like BuzzSumo, SEMrush, and TrackMaven), marketing automation (like Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot), and content management systems (like Drupal and WordPress) all contribute to optimizing the marketing engine.

Collaborate & Listen

A key to Cardi B.’s success is collaborating with other artists. Whether it’s working with Fat Joe on “YES”, 21 Savage on “Bartier Cardi”, or Chance the Rapper on “Best Life,” Cardi knows how to leverage partnerships to produce chart-topping hits.

B2B marketers can also boost performance through more collaboration. Work closely with sales to audit leads. Creating a feedback loop can help everyone better understand expectations. Make this an ongoing practice.

PRO TIP: Be sure your team is speaking the same language, including the difference between a prospect and a lead. With clearly defined objectives and close communication, marketing and sales teams can align towards achieving their strategic goals.

Kyle Lacy also posted a great article on Convince & Convert on 5 Ways Marketing and Sales Can Collaborate for Better Content, which includes some tactical ideas for improving teamwork.

Understand Your Audience

To be a chart-topping musical artist, you’ve gotta give fans what they want. It’s clear from Cardi B.’s reputation as a trendsetter, that she stays closely attuned to her crowd. Cardi is hyper-connected with her audience and they are happy to follow her along.

As marketers, we’re always on the hunt to generate more followers and keep them happy. HubSpot reported that 63% of marketing teams cite “generating traffic and leads” as their top challenge. However, more traffic won’t come if the message is off-base.

In order to optimize engagement with your target audience, custom-tailor your sales approach. Start by developing detailed buyer personas for your target customer profiles. Then, create a content journey that speaks to each persona. At each stage, be sure your marketing sounds human (not just spitting at a particular job title in a broad industry).

Ron Jaradot shared a comprehensive Medium article: The Last Buyer Persona Article You Will Need to Read, chock-full of details about creating buyer personas and mapping them to your content journey.

Deliver More

Since 2015, Cardi B. has released one album, two solo mixtapes, 27 singles, and 14 music videos, both as a solo artist and a featured/lead artist. She’s known for producing a lot of strong work, with everything she touches practically turning to gold. Her fans want the latest and greatest, so she makes sure to publish new content on-the-regular, whether it’s a new song, a press interview, or an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

To stay relevant, B2B teams have to regularly produce for their customers and prospects. Your audience is clamoring for your next big hit. According to the research firm Lab42, 84% of customers say it is “somewhat or very important” that the company they buy from is innovative. Just make sure you’re listening to what they truly say as opposed to what might be the response in a formal survey or focus group. Then focus your activities around your customer’s needs.

EEEEOOOWWWW!… Some BONUS Cardi B. Trivia

#Didyouknow? The famous rapper said that growing up, people started calling her ‘Bacardi’ because her sister’s name is Hennessy. Eventually, she shortened that nickname to Cardi B, and the rest is history!

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