5 Best Slack Shortcuts & Slash Commands

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As we continue to find more ways to be organized while working from home, we thought we’d share some Slack shortcuts and slash commands that make our lives easier.

1. /search

Slack shortcuts are practical and easy to navigate. I did a quick search of the word, “pipeline”, by typing, “/search pipeline” into the message box (you can do this in a direct message or channel). This search capability lets you find what you need quickly, kind of like a Google keyword search.

/slash command

2. /remind

How awesome would it be if Slack became your personal assistant?  The app makes it easy to stay on track of your To Do’s, and also allows you to collaborate with project reminders for your colleagues. 

You can type something as specific as, “/remind me to follow up with Adam Smith at ABC Company at 3:30pm on Thursday,”

or “/remind @michelle to look over and provide feedback re: content calendar tomorrow.”


Need to look at a calendar before setting a reminder, or just need some extra guidance from the app? You can type, “/remind” and hit enter to open a “Create a reminder” pop up for help creating it. Here’s what it looks like:

3. /giphy

At EverString, we’ve created a culture of GIF-heavy reactions for channel announcements like closed deals, piped opportunities, shoutouts, and company milestones. It’s always great to see a flood of reaction GIFs coming from all of your colleagues, especially as we primarily communicate virtually.

Slack does this cool thing that allows you to type the keyword that describes the kind of GIF you want to use, and lets you shuffle through the search results until you find the right fit. 

Don’t see one that fits with what you’re going for? Don’t sweat it, you can cancel your search and try another keyword or combination of keywords. No one will see your GIF until you hit send.

Who doesn’t want nostalgic pop culture reminders as we celebrate wins together?


PRO TIP: You’ll need to integrate the GIPHY app into your Slack. You can find the app in the Slack App Directory. Not sure how to get started? You can find a step-by-step process here.

4. [CMD] + K

PC Users: [CTRL] + K 

Pressing Command ⌘ + K opens a pop up to “Jump to” different channels and conversations, or to quickly open things like your mentions or file browser.

I like to use this to see all of my unread messages (Jump to: All unreads) or as an alternative way to access the search results.

5. Option + mouse click on a message to mark it as unread

PC Users: [ALT] + mouse click on message

This is especially useful when you read a message but can’t (or don’t want to) respond to it right away, but you also don’t want to forget about it. The joys of living and communicating in the digital era!

Alternatively, you can click on the, “more actions” icon by hovering over a message and clicking the 3 dots on the right. Then, select “Mark unread.”

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