6 Fun Virtual Background GIFs To Liven Up Your Meetings

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We’re nearing the end of Summer 2020 and for most American professionals, we’re also approaching our 6th month of quarantine-living, and facing at least 6 more ahead. We could all use a little fun, right? Add some spice to your next web conference or call with these fun virtual background GIFs. 

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6. Iconic Views


There’s nothing quite like visiting a famous vacation spot or seeing natural phenomena IRL, but for many of us, destination traveling is not in our immediate plans. Scenes like Split, Croatia’s skyline or Auroras will be sure to cast a fun, awe-inspiring touch to your meetings.

5. The Brady Bunch, Starring You


Another way to add some color to your virtual meetings is with this Brady Bunch moving background that will insert you in the middle of the menagerie during the classic opening credits.

Virtual backgrounds depicting scenes like this are a fun way to break the ice and connect with your colleagues on webcam meetings, especially as we all have much more time to indulge in these shows and movies.

When it comes to virtual backgrounds and pop culture, we’ve seen things from Tiger King’s infamous moments to The Office’s classic interview setting as people showcase their favorite meme-worthy scenes from classic or binge-worthy movies and series.

After all, we could all use some humor these days.

4. Social Gathering


Even if we’re not able to attend a social gathering, we can still pretend.

3. Animal Crossing 


What better way to pay homage to your favorite videogame, pastime, and community?


2. Walking In On Yourself During A Meeting

Meeting disruptions have become commonplace as many of us try to juggle our home lives and our work-from-home lives. Things that would normally never happen in a boardroom (like your kids popping up on your screen, your dog barking in the background, or your roommates walking in behind you) don’t necessarily derail the conversation anymore. But not many people will expect to see YOU in your own background! This one is sure to cause a double-take as attendees realize the person walking in on your meeting is none other than yourself. Sit back, relax, and watch the surprise unravel (you’re welcome!).

1. Bringing Yourself Coffee


Because the only thing more eventful than barging in on yourself during your morning meeting is bringing yourself a cup of coffee. Bonus points if you can stage an interaction.


  1. Aurora Borealis Time Lapse 2020 – Saskatchewan, Canada (Northern Lights)
  2. Split, Croatia
  3. Brady Bunch
  4. Social Gathering
  5. Animal Crossing
  6. Accidentally Walking In During Meeting
  7. Bringing A Cup Of Coffee


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