7 Down & Dirty Data Stats

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By 2025, the IDC estimates the world’s datasphere will grow to be 175 Zettabytes (ZB). That’s a 530% increase expected, from 33 ZB in 2018! With such a massive boom comes the unfortunate reality that dirty data affects all teams, all departments, all businesses.

Dirty data is defined as inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent data, especially in a computer system or database. It runs rampant in company databases, causing negative impacts to the bottom line. According to SirusDecisions, when teams have strong data quality practices, they can boost revenue by approximately 66%.

The following are 7 dirty data statistics that will have you double-checking your data strategy:

1. Bad data costs the U.S. over $3 Trillion each year

Source: Harvard Business Review


2. At least 50% of your prospects are NOT a good fit for what you sell

Source: HubSpot


3. Approximately 40% of leads contain bad data

Source: Integrate


4. Lack of data accessibility can lengthen the sales cycle by 8–14% on average

Source: Nucleus Research


5. B2B markets can see customer data decay between 30-70% each year

Source: Informatica

Dirty-Data-customer-decay-EverString6. It’s estimated that 27% of employees change jobs each year

Source: ADP

Dirty-Data-Stat-Turnover7. Studies show 57% of businesses find out about dirty data when it’s reported by customers or prospects

Source: MarkLogic

Did You Know-dirty-data-alert-EverString

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