8 Data and Business Analytics Leaders to Watch

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At EverString, our very lifeblood is data. Everything we do for our customers is based on this work, and so we pay close attention to the data and business analytics leaders making an impact, regardless of their industry.

Here are eight professionals in the field who are doing some great work:

Selom Azuma, Staples

Selom has been the Director Business & Product Strategy with Staples since last April, and spent six years before that with Intralinks, a SaaS company that lets people share documents securely and work remotely. He was also the company’s first Agile Scrum Master.

Steve Kozek, Citizen’s Bank

Steve is Head of Commercial Excellence with Citizen’s Bank, having previously worked in various leadership roles at GE Capital over a span of 17 years. Steve holds an MBA from Sacred Hearts University.

Akhill Chopra, Wayfair

Akhill has been with Wayfair for a little more than two years, serving as their Associate Director, B2B Insights & Analytics, before moving to the Director position in March of this year. Before that, he has been in analytics and insights for companies like Fuze, HelloShopper, and CustomMade Ventures.

Emily Moore, FedEx

Emily has been with FedEx Services for over 19 years, most recently as the Senior Strategic Sales Analyst for the delivery services leader. She’s passionate about strategic planning and sales operations. Emily holds an MBA from the University of Memphis.

Jessica Willis, AT&T

Jessica has spent over 19 years with AT&T. She has been a Senior Data Analyst – Data Visualization for the last 4.5 years for the telecommunications giant, and was a Senior Data Analyst – GIS for 14 years before that.

Nieves (Popoca) Murillo, Grainger

Nieves has spent the last 10 years of her career at Grainger, the business supplies and equipment company in Lake Forest, Illinois. She has been their Manager, Data Acquisition, Customer Information Design & Operations for the last year. Nieves has spent most of her career working in data science and big data, deriving insights from the data she gathers, and managing relationships with other data suppliers.

Tolga Binyildiz, AutoDesk

Tolga has had a steady upward career in data and business analytics, spending the last 15 years at AutoDesk. He’s been the Data Enrichment/Master Data Management Operations Manager for 3+ years, and before that he spent time as the EDM Program Manager, Data Enrichment Manager, and Data Analyst Lead. He hails from İstanbul Üniversitesi in Turkey, with a degree in Economics.

Ted Manasa, Indeed

Ted is the Manager, Enterprise Data Warehouse at Indeed.com, the massive job and career aggregator. He’s an enterprise data architect with 14 years of experience in data warehousing, database design, ETL, and analytics in multi-terabyte environments. Ted has expertise in data modeling, data mining, and database development.


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