9 Mad Men Marketing GIFs for the Modern Marketer

By December 22, 2015
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2 months into EverString and I’m already feeling the spirit of innovation. With that in mind, I’m thinking about Mad Men everywhere I look. It’s like Don Draper is going to turn every corner! For your amusement (and mine), I thought I’d share some marketing  takeaways through the lens of one of my favorite shows.

1. Remember when trust was found in the promise behind a hand shake? Today trust is sought out in case studies, ebooks, and testimonials. Alright self-educating buyer, we’ll do it your way.


2. There are going to be some hits and misses in our careers, we’ve just gotta keep at it. Sometimes our creative ideas win and sometimes they lose. But hey, at least we tried!


3. The new kids in the office, they keep getting younger. As young as they are bright and resourceful—most of them.


4. Choices, choices, choices. Marketing has so many channels to chose from. How do you get heard through all the noise?! Always keep your eye out for new technology–you never know what might work better than the tried and true (and be more budget friendly).


5. Creative tools can tap into our vision and take our work to new heights—shout out to our friends at Ceros! We now get to be digital inventors when it comes to content.


6. Reaching your total addressable market just isn’t done the same way anymore.


7. We have abreviations for EVERYTHING.


8. Thanks to social media, now every employee can become your best or worst brand ambassador.


9. The future of marketing will continue to be more integrated and more impressive. So make sure you keep up!


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