A Drink With Dayna Rothman, CMO at OneLogin

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This week on “A Drink With …” I was thrilled to be joined by one of my closest friends and two-time co-worker, Dayna Rothman, CMO of OneLogin!

As you may know, Dayna is one of the pioneers of B2B content marketing, launching herself into the spotlight at Marketo, an Adobe Company. During that time in addition to creating some of the best content for marketing automation, she authored the wildly successful book “Lead Generation for Dummies”.

Since then, she has gone on to the be the VP of Marketing here at EverString, BrightFunnel by Terminus, Mesosphere, was the CRO at SaaStr, and is now the CMO of OneLogin.

During our conversation, we discussed what has changed in demand generation since the release of her book, how OneLogin has continued to grow their business during the pandemic, and get her thoughts on the future of B2B marketing in a post-pandemic world.

Please pour yourself your favorite drink, sit back, and enjoy the replay video below. Cheers!

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Chat Transcript

  • Russell Banzon: Loop swoop
  • Russell Banzon: Woop*
  • Delijeh Snyder: Hi Dayna
  • Joe Schwartz – Proofpoint: great taste!
  • Delijeh Snyder: Matt nice haircut
  • Lou M: CT stand up!
  • Lou M: I’m from there too!!
  • Lou M: Pepe’s pizza in New Haven!
  • Christin Anderson: MYSTIC PIZZA
  • Christin Anderson: Dogs are kids, too
  • Michael Hartmann: I’ve worked with both Marketo and Eloqua (and ExactTarget before that) and they all did a great job of building a super strong community of advocates.
  • Christin Anderson: Eloqueen
  • Christin Anderson: Not always friendly 🙂
  • Michael Hartmann: You need to get Elle Woulfe on the show
  • Matt Amundson: Definitely!
  • Delijeh Snyder: And the LinkedIn Learning courses ❤️
  • Carilu Dietrich: When you wrote the book – it was 6 months and you were doing it on the side? A few hours a day? What was your time commitment like?
  • Michael Hartmann: are you doing more sales enablement content selling into IT than you did when you were marketing to marketers?
  • Carilu Dietrich: Did LinkedIn pay you to do the learning, or do people do it free for LinkedIn’s benefit and awareness?
  • Russell Banzon: Gotta split – thank you Dayna and Matt!
  • Jeff Marcoux: Gotta bail, loved the conversation!! Wish I could make more of these.
  • Katie Fritchen: 45 min webinars work really well for us. Already was before COVID, but seeing bigger registration numbers now. I can’t do a half or full day event — I just don’t have the time or attention span for that!
  • Chris Coppe: I gotta bounce, but this was great. Dayna- say what’s up to James Liu for me!
  • Christin Anderson: The audio/video quality of Outreach Unleash was shockingly good (not sure what we were using, but can find out if you like)
  • Michelle P: I liked when Women in Revenue leveraged the Zoom Breakouts… moderated by a particular guest speaker and gave us as attendees the option of which to join in real-time. Mix & mingle type thing!
  • Carilu Dietrich: SaaStock challenge – when the speakers didn’t feel comfortable with the platform. Was good to have an event host on each to troubleshoot platform issues so that the speaker could focus on content and speaking (and knew someone was out there supporting them).
  • Katie Fritchen: We bring in customer presenters to talk about how they set stuff up. Our target market is K12 IT leaders/admins & they really love to share info w/ each other, which is great for building community
  • Caity Meaney Burrows: Excellent content kept me engaged for two hours. Also stared with hellos from people all over the world, which was energizing.
  • Jagannath Das: I loved a couple of events hosted on Hopin interface used at Saastock esp the networking feature. Agree with Michelle re: Outreach Unleash 2020 as well
  • Carilu Dietrich: Getting people to speak in zoom instead of just in the chat.
  • Rachel Biers: I’ve seen companies split conferences across multiple days for 3-4 hrs max per day. Having a strong call to action afterwards to continue the convo helps keep the energy and momentum up too within the community
  • Michael Hartmann: I think in general, the virtual events I’ve liked the most are kinda like the podcasts I like. They are more like a long-form interview (like these) when a little bit of engagement from the audience. I also think it is REALLY important to let the audience engage with the speakers and the other audience members.
  • jim walker: Best virtual even I have been to is docker con. They used cube365 to host. they recorded all sessions prior to th event and then had speakers online in chat during and for live QA at end. It went over very well. Attendance was insane. We are most likely going to use hopin.to for ours. Loving it as a platform, even for webinars and meetups.
  • jim walker: Love you too
  • Jagannath Das: Hopin has a backstage feature for speakers to network as well
  • jim walker: Of course
  • Maria Pergolino: Jim – can I see that deck? mpergolino@activecampaign.com
  • Christin Anderson: Unleash Keynote link is here, good example of the high quality https://outreach-hq.wistia.com/medias/jpv6bkbgor
  • Michael Hartmann: Zoom breakouts are really great…didn’t even know that was a thing until the LAST day of virtual learning for one of my kids. That was the ONLY day he smiled during the learn-from-home
  • Michelle P: On the retail front… I wish more would consider doing some sort of drive-thru option. In a COVID / SIP era, that has to be a consideration with things like the mall, right??
  • jim walker: Deck is here:
  • jim walker: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Xo59zUrGrZA9d7coHZiE04kDGqcxACjZNpKNFW09v1I/edit?usp=sharing
  • jim walker: Recording of press is here:
  • jim walker: http://productmarketing.wistia.com/medias/cm5j42zv60
  • Katie Fritchen: Thanks, @Jim!
  • jim walker: Sorry to interrupt, Dayna…
  • Carilu Dietrich: Awesome, thanks for sharing.
  • jim walker: Never interrupt Dayna.. never
  • jim walker: Share away. – I’d be honored. also – if anyone wants to talk through I am happy to jump on a call to help!
  • Katie Fritchen: Are your sales/SDR teams using more video for their follow-ups these days?
  • Delijeh Snyder: What kind of dogs do you have
  • Michael Hartmann: gotta drop…the “witching hour” has begun here. Thanks Dayna and Matt. Glad to be able to join again.
  • Caity Meaney Burrows: Gotta hop! Great stuff! Thanks Dayna and Matt!
  • Delijeh Snyder: Thank you both!!!
  • Carilu Dietrich: Thank you!
  • Michelle P: Thank you!!
  • Edyta Kosnik: Thank you! 🙂
  • geri kleeman: thanks – fun convo!
  • Delijeh Snyder: cheers
  • jim walker: THANK YOU…. Love and miss you all. Take care.
  • Ken Cudlipp: thank you
  • Jagannath Das: Thank you this was awesome

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