A Drink With Maria Pergolino, CMO at ActiveCampaign

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This week on “A Drink With…” we hosted one of my closest friends and mentor, ActiveCampaign CMO, Maria Pergolino! Keep scrolling for the full video replay, available on demand below.

As many of you know, Maria is a pioneer in modern B2B marketing. Her work at Marketo, an Adobe Company, helped define the model for cross-functional success between marketers, sellers, and SDRs/BDRs (Sales Development Reps / Business Development Reps).

During her career, she’s helped three companies reach ‘unicorn’ status (Marketo, Apttus, Anaplan) and have massively successful exits.

Now at ActiveCampaign, she’s back in MarTech, helping a whole new generation of marketers achieve success for their organizations.

In our one-hour virtual happy hour chat, we discussed how she’s maintaining excellence in marketing and continued growth during the pandemic, as well as the investments her team has made to deliver tremendous value to their customers while many are working from home.

I encourage everyone to carve out time to catch this incredible conversation!

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Chat Transcript

  • jim walker: CHICAGO!
  • Shonal Narayan: Would you still dye your hair purple?
  • Maria Pergolino: It was pink but it washed out 🙁
  • Jen Howard Hogg: No blue now – for Active Campaign! 🙂
  • Maria Pergolino: Any questions? Am I a crazy person? Am a talking to much ?
  • Maria Pergolino: 🙂
  • jim walker: Those are two (three) very different questions, Maria.
  • Shonal Narayan: If you had your budget cut during this time, would you look at past program successes and invest there, or are there new/untapped programs (i.e. sponsoring virtual events) that are worth looking at?
  • delijehsnyder: Hi, my name is Delijeh, I’m a Tiktokoholic too
  • Matt Amundson: This is a safe space, Delijeh
  • delijehsnyder: Thank you Matt LOL
  • Kristine Webb: What percentage of your DG teams focus is on funnel acceleration & expansion vs acquisition? and has that changed significantly due to the market turning inside out?
  • Sierra Summers: Love Jenny!
  • Michael Hartmann: Sounds as if Maria has created a “coaching tree” in Marketing
  • Sierra Summers: Yess!! Mani pedi + hair!
  • Kristine Webb: mani pedi no doubt!
  • Lou M: a restaurant
  • Jen Howard Hogg: Mani pedi AMEN!!!!!
  • Michelle Pizzo: Hair appt will be a must first-stop for me too!
  • Blake Cohlan: If you were to start a marketing org from infancy, how would you design the functional areas of the team, and how would you prioritize the order?
  • Michelle Pizzo: P.S. Maria, you look gorgeous!
  • Kristine Webb: plus 1 on Blake
  • Pam Moon: Women in Revenue is great…thanks for contributing to it, Maria!
  • Michelle Pizzo: What is your best advice for a b2b content marketer?
  • Sierra Summers: How are you keeping your cats entertained?
  • Shonal Narayan: Have to drop off.. Great seeing you again Maria!
  • Michael Hartmann: I encourage all my Marketers to understand finance…it is really valuable to understand how it drives decisions
  • Michelle Pizzo: what are your must have tech tools these days?
  • Jon Russo: Given the diversity of ActiveCampaign revenue, are you seeing regions of the globe growing faster (or slower) revenue wise or churning faster or slower customer wise than that of the US?
  • Michelle Pizzo: (Besides Tik tok haha)
  • Katherine Andruha: Kick ass sir leader
  • Katherine Andruha: SDR
  • Will Murphy: When you’re building a marketing org, how do you know it’s the right time to bring in a vendor, when is too early, what are the diminishing returns?
  • Kristine Webb: a balance would be good for folks who used to commute to the office. time for team bonding. and time for working in slippers.
  • Gordon Wilson: Do you think this lockdown has any lasting impact on the way we do marketing? More digital?
  • Russell Banzon: Not competitive at all MP
  • Michael Hartmann: wet dog near computer is not good
  • Heather Berggren: The 10 year old had to add art to my bare wall of the former playroom, now office 🙂
  • Michael Hartmann: gtg. Maria – great stuff…really appreciate your perspective. Matt – thanks for keeping these going…and interesting.
  • Matt Amundson: Thanks, Michael!
  • Will Murphy: @Thanks Maria
  • Russell Banzon: Did Matt get a haircut somewhere?
  • Matt Amundson: @Russell, I don’t know what you’re talking about
  • Matt Amundson: LOL
  • Kristine Webb: seriously. and do they cut women’s hair? 😉
  • Heather Berggren: Very suspicious. Black market bang trims??
  • Matt Amundson: Underground barbers are the new speakeasies
  • Kristine Webb: creepy
  • Russell Banzon: Need to find those barbers…
  • Russell Banzon: Lookin’ sharp Matt
  • Matt Amundson: Thanks, Russ!
  • delijehsnyder: Matt has access to underground barber resources
  • delijehsnyder: Always something about the hair
  • Jen Howard Hogg: BUSTED!!
  • Will Murphy: Thanks so much! Matt these are great!
  • Carilu Dietrich: Thanks Matt, Thanks Maria
  • Kristine Webb: thanks!
  • jim walker: Thanks Matt!
  • Hannah Babinicz: So nice to see your face Maria! Thanks Matt!
  • jim walker: Great to see everyone
  • Penny Williams: Thank you, Matt! Thank you, Maria!
  • jim walker: Thanks Maria!
  • Russell Banzon: MP you the best
  • Dani Condon: Thanks Matt + Maria!
  • Jen Howard Hogg: Miss you Maria!
  • Sanjay Manchanda’s iPhone: great session! thanks to both of you!
  • Jen Howard Hogg: Thx Matt! Cheers
  • Kristine Webb: cheers!
  • Andrew Spoeth: Good stuff Matt. Thanks for hosting these. Maria, great to see you!
Maria-Pergolino-Drink-With-Chat-Word-Cloud (1)

And just for fun… here’s a word cloud of our chat transcript 🙂

Closing Thoughts

Maria shared so many relevant points with us on the call, including ways to thrive as a team, even when live events have all but disappeared for the time being. Maria highlighted a team member who has recently pivoted from her event marketing role to corporate PR, engaging with the organization’s thought leaders to help surface some incredibly useful opportunities.

“Encourage your team to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit. Your event staff is still made up of marketers, just like anyone else on your team. Challenge them to go do big things.  They can fill a gap. They’re not just a one-trick team.”

– Maria Pergolino, CMO at ActiveCampaign

And remember… the Coronavirus will end, but sales and marketing never will. Stay safe everyone!

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