A Drink With Marketing Leaders Max Altschuler & Kevin O’Malley

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This week on “A Drink With …” we hosted a supersized episode featuring not one, but TWO incredible marketing leaders! In the wake of the pandemic, many marketers are putting on virtual events, but very few of us have had experience running them. In this episode (full recording available below), you’ll learn from Outreach VP of Marketing Max Altschuler and TOPO Research and Advisory VP of Marketing Kevin O’Malley.

During our conversation, we discuss how they drove thousands of attendees to their events and had them walking away saying, “Wow that was a great show!” Kevin and Max reveal their strategies for promotion, execution, and follow up along with what you need to put on an amazing virtual event.

As always, we allowed for 30 minutes of questions from the audience. I encourage everyone to carve out time to catch this incredible conversation!

But first… let’s talk cocktails.

Negroni, By Matt Amundson

(as mixed up in prior A Drink With Episodes)

  • Start with ice in a glass
  • 3 parts Gin
  • 3 parts Red Vermouth
  • 3 parts Campari
  • Mix and enjoy!

COVID-Killer, By Kevin O’Malley

(featured at min 3:24 of the replay video below)

  • Rum
  • Pineapple juice
  • Coconut cream
  • Nutmeg
  • Pour over ice
  • Garnish with a pineapple wedge
  • Enjoy!

Spa Water Vodka, By Max Altschuler

(featured at min 4:01 of the replay video below)

  • Ketel One vodka
  • Spa water (water flavored with lemon, mint, basil)
  • Drop some citrus slices in a glass with ice
  • Pour and enjoy!

Ok. Now, with drinks in hand, here we go…

Watch A Drink On-Demand

Chat Transcript

  • Michael Hartmann: Thin Lizzy…nice
  • Edyta Kosnik: I need emoji here now 😀
  • Michelle Pizzo: Yum! Sounds delicious Cheers
  • Matt Heinz: Is that bar open all day?
  • Michelle Pizzo: 🍹
  • Beth McCullough: Cheers Kevin!
  • Michael Hartmann: cold beer
  • Chris Kosrow: Old fashioned!
  • Sarah Thompson: Frozen margarita.
  • MICHAEL KING: Vodka.. OJ/Cranberry
  • Russell Banzon: Water – crazy exciting
  • Beth McCullough: Water, but like the idea of spa water.
  • Julie Lane: Guinness
  • Matt Heinz: Gonna make a Quarantine Coffee – you start with black coffee, then go make a margarita and ignore the coffee.
  • Emily L: Barrel aged sour ale 🙂
  • Bobby Walter: From Colorado, I’ve only been drinking Colorado Craft beer (or whisky) through the quarantine
  • Geri Kleeman: vodka and diet lemonade for chilly Chicago
  • Max Altschuler: I like that Matt!
  • Carilu Dietrich: @Mas – You sent microphones and cameras, did you say green screens or backgrounds too?
  • Delijeh Snyder: Maria that’s a cool space
  • Christin Anderson: 1st thing? Travel to LA
  • Michael Hartmann: Colorado this summer
  • Beth McCullough: Hawaii
  • Michael Hartmann: Breck is great…Crepes al a Cart…yum
  • Sarah Thompson: @Kevin – come out to SLC. Last year we had a resort open until July 4.
  • Katherine Andruha: Get the nanny – I did it 4 weeks ago #lifechanger
  • Julie Lane: 1st thing? Jersey shore beach but the Las Vegas getaway sounds great too!
  • Maria Pergolino: I’m catching it as you drop it
  • Kristine Webb: spot on. reputation + network are key.
  • Kristine Webb: keep on learning. curious mindset is core to evolving and adapting to changes in market, tech, and even relationships.
  • Michael Hartmann: #lifelessons
  • Maria Pergolino: Join that tomorrow – i’m hosting with Anthony again – https://frontapp.zoom.us/j/96141788882
  • Carilu Dietrich: What’s the time tomorrow? That looks like the zoom directly
  • Kevin O’Malley: my email is Kevin@topohq.com if you want to followup with questions on Virtual Events.
  • Katherine Andruha: What was a snafu that everyone should be aware of – like DO NOT DO THIS
    Maria Pergolino: Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kristine Webb: Max, has your event strategy changed now? more of a virtual mix for “larger” events
  • Hannah Babinicz: Max – Would you keep the same format for your virtual event – the next go around? Multiple days vs. 1-Day or a half day – then following up with a drop week over week for breakouts?
  • Russell Banzon: Happy to have contributed to that 700K, Max 🙂
  • Maria Pergolino: I’ve never used any of the tools – it seems super weird that someone can come onto my call and record. i don’t really understand it all, but don’t people get frustrated with that?
  • Maria Pergolino: not asking b/c of any situation, just curious about the space
  • Maria Pergolino: <<— meant that for a private chat (ignore)
  • Michael Hartmann: Thanks Kevin and Max for sharing your lessons learned. Thanks Matt for another interesting meet up. Cheers
  • Matt Amundson: Thanks, Michael! Great seeing you again today!
  • Maria Pergolino: Thanks everyone – i could listen about events all day every day – appreciate the speakers (and what a power crew)
  • Beth McCullough: Thanks Kevin and Max! Great content and conversation. Thanks Matt for hosting this series.
  • Matt Amundson: Thanks, Maria!
  • Matt Amundson: Thanks, Beth!
  • Katherine Andruha: Peace out homies – this was great!
  • Matt Amundson: Thanks, Kat!
  • Bobby Walter: thanks!
  • Matt Amundson: Thanks, Bobby!
  • Christin Anderson: Amazing event today here, thanks very much MattyA and all. Stay safe, friends.
  • Matt Amundson: Thanks, CA!
  • Steven: I have 3d footage now
  • Steven: 35
  • Carilu Dietrich: Thanks! Super interesting!
  • Steven: Stellar.
  • Hannah Babinicz: Thank you!
  • Russell Banzon: Great stuff, thanks gang
  • Steven: I still owe Max a shirt for giving me his leftover Spa Water.

Featured Song

Closing Thoughts

Max shared about their successful virtual summit, Unleashed 2020, noting that changes we’re experiencing are being sped up some innovations and industry shifts that maybe should’ve happened a while ago since the tech was there, and it enables a broader way to engage, including folks that previously would’ve been excluded due to travel restrictions, job duties, costs, or other reasons.

“Look back at the learnings from your in-person events, and apply some of those to your virtual events going forward. So when we go back to our in-person events, we can layer the virtual pieces that worked well.”

– Max Altschuler, VP of Marketing, Outreach

Kevin also remarked how community outreach, building connections, and speed-to-market are going to play important roles in team success moving forward. And that the demand gen follow up will naturally follow.

“Brand has got to be a big part of it. You’re investing towards the future.” – Kevin O’Malley, VP of Marketing, TOPO Research

And remember… the pandemic will end, but sales & marketing never will. Stay safe everyone!

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