A Drink With Peter Herbert, CMO of MURAL

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We wrapped up another great episode of “A Drink With …” featuring Peter Herbert, Chief Marketing Officer for MURAL, an online connection platform empowering teams to collaborate visually. It was a great conversation on what is and isn’t working in Sales and Marketing today, the value of building a community, and where you should be spending your marketing and prospecting energy while we all work remotely.

Check out the full video replay here:

Chat Transcript

  • Maria Pergolino: Sandra!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
  • Sierra Summers: It’s still 3pm here! Its only water
  • Michael Hartmann: Whiskey and ginger beer
  • nikkinixon: Coke zero… lame
  • Edyta Kosnik: Green tea 🙂
  • Julie Lane: Guinness makes it all better!
  • Michael King – King Recruiting: Vodka squeeze of lime
  • nikkinixon: Hey Maria!!!
  • Beth McCullough: Green tea
  • richardbernstein: going for a bike ride after this, keeping is safe
  • Maria Pergolino: Hi Nikki!
  • Kate O’Neil: Rosé
  • Maria Pergolino: I appreciate Matt bringing all my friends together.
  • Sarah Parnell: grapefruit vodka with soda water
  • David Dulany: Over the Edge – a great movie, was based on real events in the Foster City, CA
  • David Dulany: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Over_the_Edge_(film)
  • Maria Pergolino: I have an idea – Peter puts on a blindfold and I guide him on how to give the haircut. Kindof as a trust exercise – CMO to CMO.
  • Kate O’Neil: Hahaha I’d tune in for that
  • Sierra Summers: Authenticity is so important
  • nikkinixon: Everybody wants to help me “get through this together”
  • Sierra Summers: Leading w empathy!! I couldn’t agree more Peter!
  • Michael Hartmann: this seems like a great time to invest in cleansing database and analytics as well
  • Beth McCullough: What’s it going to be like in the “new normal”?
  • nikkinixon: Totally agree. Humans want to connect with humans more than ever.
  • David Dulany: open forums like this are awesome – great job Matt
  • Sierra Summers: Do you considering this a “field” event? B/c I would!
  • Matt Amundson: I agree, Sierra. We may all currently be in the new “field” event
  • Kate O’Neil: As a consumer, I’ve been supporting companies that treat employees well. I feel if I can trust them to treat their employees well, I can trust them to create a great product / treat me as a customer well. Curious if that will be true for b2b and stay with us longterm?
  • Edyta Kosnik: Zoom is new round tables
  • David Waugh: Any advice for marketers who are launching new product features/updates (not brand new products)… good messaging and/or positioning frameworks?
  • Sierra Summers: I agree Edyta! Things like this was 100% more valuable than any 2500+ conference I’ve recently attended. Getting 1:1 time like this is super valuable and useful
  • Victor Baglio: Total sqft will reduce – totally agree with Peter.
  • Edyta Kosnik: Precisely…more targeted, cheaper and better quality leads
  • Michael Hartmann: @peter – since you’ve been doing so much hiring and on-boarding, what do you think is better than past “normal” that you will keep even when this crisis is over?
  • Wes Yee: When will you go to a conference again?
  • Edyta Kosnik: Miami 🙂
  • Wes Yee: Will you ever shake hands again?
  • Matt Amundson: Hawaii!
  • Sierra Summers: Are you setting working hours and sticking to them?
  • Victor Baglio: Go get a Taproom burger and a craft beer at The Devils Slide Taproom in Pacifica, CA
  • Edyta Kosnik: Wes, will you? I think I am looking forward to it
  • nikkinixon: Wooooo Goooo Matttt
  • Wes Yee: Done shaking hands. Gonna work on my wave and curtsy
  • Wes Yee: Prob no conferences until vaccination
  • richardbernstein: best meal you’ve learned to cook?
  • Matt Amundson: I’m making much better omelettes!
  • Michael Hartmann: Kung Pao Chicken
  • Wes Yee: apple pie: https://app.getguru.com/card/iqGLgn4T/Lazy-Cast-Iron-Apple-Pie
  • richardbernstein: So many eggs! When they are in stock
  • Sierra Summers: Matt – who’s got free time?!! Also – renewing my marketo certification
  • Beth McCullough: Instapot Butter Chicken
  • Wes Yee: pho: https://app.getguru.com/card/cRKB4BXi/Beef-Pho
  • Matt Amundson: So true, Richard!
  • Edyta Kosnik: what was the strangest place at home you had to hide to take a call/zoom …if you had to …
  • nikkinixon: Just did the Demandbase cert
  • Sarah Parnell: I make 2 new recipes a week – not always winners but fun to try
  • Kate O’Neil: Great to see some familiar faces! Thanks Matt and Peter!
  • Michael Hartmann: Another interesting and fun session. Thanks @Peter for your wisdom and @Matt for organizing these.
  • Sarah Parnell: So great – thanks for setting this up!
  • Sierra Summers: Love these!
  • richardbernstein: kick ass Matt! Thanks Peter!
  • Michelle Pizzo: Cheers everyone!
  • Jim Tocci: Thanks Matt, this was awesome!
  • Maria Pergolino: Thank you!
  • nikkinixon: Thanks Matt and Peter!
  • Edyta Kosnik: thanks Matt and Peter 🙂 good to see you all

Closing Thoughts

As Peter Herbert noted, now is the time to shift our mindsets even more towards humanizing our digital marketing communications.

“The tone of communication is changing and I’m not sure it goes back. Use this opportunity to learn the best ways to express yourself. Up your game. It’s time to focus on building your muscles in other areas of marketing.” – Peter Herbert

As we know, every business is a little bit different. There is no single way to do marketing right now. However, one thing we can all agree on is a renewed focus on more empathetic messaging… “more human”.

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