A Drink With Steven Broudy, VP of Sales, Bevy

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We wrapped up another great episode of “A Drink With …” featuring Steven Broudy, VP, Head of Sales at Bevy. It was a great conversation on what is and isn’t working in Sales and Marketing today, the value of building a community, and where you should be spending your marketing and prospecting energy while we all work remotely.

Check out the full video replay here:

Chat Transcript

  • Katherine Andruha: Why not make a comment on some piece of content I have produced … hey Kat saw your press on this… this may interest you based on what you said here….
  • Maria Pergolino: Instead of rushing to do a bunch of webinars – we put 3 people full time for two+ months on replicating our in-person training event into a virtual activation that would surpass all the low value digital content to provide true value for our customers, we’re still a month out from launching these to make sure quality is differentiated from everything else.
  • Victor Baglio: As a people leader, open discussions like these are getting through my inbox. All messages that begin with COVID, CORONA, or hope you are safe get unconsciously ignored
  • Eric Martin: The worst are still the ones pitting us against our competition.
  • Blake Coolidge: Re-iterate that we’re just doubling down on what worked before the WFH/corona situation. Detailed research on accounts & people, personalized messaging, pattern interrupts, and tying our value to how we can help businesses adapt & change going forward.
  • Sean Kester: We analyzed 1.5M emails over 4 weeks. Overall email response is down 36%​. Subject lines that contact “Covid” or “Coronavirus” is at a 40% decrease. Don’t use subject lines that play into fear, uncertainty, or doubt such as: Covid: 40% decrease, In this together: 52% decrease, Hoping to help: 37% decrease, Remote working: 77% decrease
  • Leila: Our email open rates are actually higher than pre-COVID in many cases
  • Katherine Andruha: You can comment on something that their c-suite member has written or presented on… doesn’t;’t have to be that particular individual… you can say I saw you r company is embarking on this project, or you put out this blog post…
  • Leila: We are in travel, which is an industry that’s been decimated, but we are taking the opportunity to provide content on travel destinations, beautiful beach images, etc.
  • Eric Martin: I’m betting “Uncertain times” would be a 100% decrease
  • Sean Kester: It’s not all bad. Let’s take a second to think about where buyers heads are. They are all humans in fact. Everyone is feeling a bit secluded and wanting for interactions. They crave authenticity and empathy. Ironically some messaging that may have been archived immediately is now converting. The buyer mentality has changed. What is working: Hoping to connect: 11% higher, Coaching: 32% higher, Partnership: 79% higher, Checking-in: 101% higher, Meeting: 34% higher, Call: 175% higher
  • Maria Pergolino: At AC: 25% drop in cost via PPC to obtain a trial
  • Eric Martin: Yep agree – seeing less volume
  • Eric Martin: Small practitioner/peer events will shine. Events that don’t require travel ++
  • Sean Kester: Jon. We are definitely seeing a difference in geo and industry. NYC, as you can imagine, are much more sensitive to aggressive messaging. Empathy is key in the market.
  • Sean Kester: It has a lot to do with the perception the east coast has on the stay at home orders in general. Also east coast companies had per capita more furloughs and firings than the west coast. For B2B companies*
  • Eric Martin: Lyft is now beginning food/supply delivery, announced today – not meant to compete with Uber Eats – “Essential Deliveries”

Thoughts To Leave On

Steven reminded us of the infamous Wayne Gretzky quote: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” For us in sales and marketing, think about your messaging and consider what you can do now to lay the foundation for success later on, once things clear. If what you do now doesn’t scale tomorrow, you’ll be in a terrible place.

And for any Hall n’ Oats fans, try out Callin’ Oats (719-266-2837), which is a fun service you can choose to hear 1 of 4 on-demand songs from the American-favorite band.

Thanks everyone for connecting with us! It’s helpful to remember that the Coronavirus will end, but sales and marketing never will. Stay safe everybody!

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