A Drink With Tim Johnson, Co-Founder at Censia

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This week on “A Drink With …” l was joined by my good friend and Co-Founder of Censia, Tim Johnson.

Tim and I have worked together off and on since 2011, when I joined Marketo and he was one of our top sales reps. Since then he has gone on to lead Sales at EverString, 1Page and now Censia.

During our conversation we discussed selling during the pandemic, effective partnering strategies for sales and marketing, and what it’s like to be a sales leader who is now responsible for marketing.

Pour yourself a drink and enjoy the show!

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Chat Transcript

  • Michelle Pizzo: Happy Wed, Everyone!
  • Michelle Pizzo: (That’s actually a full sized bed behind Tim is it? Haha 😉
  • Michael Hartmann: I remember so many people back in the day drinking rum and Tab…
  • Delijeh Snyder: lolol
  • Edyta Kosnik: hahahahhahahah
  • Richard Bernstein: Tim, check these guys out for rum: http://stillwagondistillery.com/products
  • Michael Hartmann: Rye and ginger…of course
  • Michelle Pizzo: Iced Tea over here! cheers
  • Michelle Pizzo: *cheers
  • Michael Hartmann: in a fancy party glass
  • Delijeh Snyder: Mimosa
  • Michael Hartmann: the boy energy doesn’t change…mine are 15, 13 and 11
  • Michael Hartmann: How did you prioritize your initial marketing hires?
  • Katie Fritchen: LOL. Can totally relate with that!! 🙂
  • Maria Pergolino: Ali is amazing 🙂
  • Katie Fritchen: How involved with channel/partner tactics is your marketing dept? Was just having a convo w/ our CRO about this today.
  • Michael Hartmann: and resumes are notoriously bad at telling the whole story about a person
  • Michelle Pizzo: Love the empathy message
  • Katherine Andruha: this was great! thanks Tim and Matt! have to drop
  • Michael Hartmann: Great conversation…sorry I have to drop. Thanks Tim and Matt
  • Andrew Spoeth: Gotta run. Thanks again Matt, and Tim!
  • Katie Fritchen: Do you partner with your channel partners on these campaigns? Co-branded? Cost-sharing? Does that impact your commission % for deals w/ them?
  • Katie Fritchen: I tried to steel this happy hour idea when it first started, but it fell through… 😉
  • Katie Fritchen: LOL
  • Beth McCullough: Thanks Matt and Tim! I have to drop off now.
  • Shonal Narayan: Free consultations / health checks have piqued my interest lately
  • Michelle Pizzo: what about games, giveaways, even educational components (seems everyone’s using this time to work on themselves in one way or another)
  • Shonal Narayan: Tim with movie quotes. Matt with movie casts / song titles.
  • Katie Fritchen: Thank you!!!
  • Michelle Pizzo: Thanks all!
  • Oceah Clark: Great insights – thank you both!
  • Christin Anderson: Great to see everyone and thanks for the fun call!!
  • Edyta Kosnik: thanks for another great session
  • Tricia Mulbry: Thank you!

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