AI Takes On Customer Service, Bridging the Sales & Marketing Divide, Salesforce Sells Universal AI

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This week we are showing our love for all things marketing, AI and social selling. It’s also Friday, so we wanted to also show how AI is affecting your weekly happy hour as well (cheers!). Read more to find out!

1. Q&A: Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide

Throughout the buyer’s journey, from the first touch to the closed deal, there is one thing that causes frustration with both salespeople and marketers: misalignment. A lot of people talk about the problem, but a one-size-fits-all solution still hasn’t been found yet. This great Q&A on bridging the sales and marketing divide, which includes thought leaders from Aberdeen, GE Capital and Stirista, shows that there are plenty of opportunities in social, content and business ops to make sure everyone is aiming for the same target.

See this great conversation by clicking here.

2. Craft Brewers are Running Out of Beer Names, and AI is Here to Help

People can’t get enough of microbrewing these days, and apparently manufacturers are having a hard time generating enough names for their brews to keep up with craft beer’s ever-growing demand. Gizmodo recently published an article highlighting a scientist who is using AI capabilities to come up with quirky new monikers based on brew type. It’s Friday – How does a “Third Danger” Pale Ale or “Fire Pipe” Amber Ale sound after a long week?

Find out more about beer and AI here.

3. Inside Salesforce’s Quest to Bring AI to Everyone

Salesforce is making big moves with its new venture into AI, Einstein. This eye-opening Wired article shows how Einstein’s humble beginnings in a Palo Alto basement eventually made its way into the workflow of many sales professionals this past March. And it couldn’t have been more perfect timing, as this year we have already seen how AI has taken off. Wired also delves into the way that Salesforce has been able to “democratize” AI and make it more pragmatic for its users – we certainly like the idea of putting the power of AI into everyone’s hands now rather than later.

Read the Wired article about Salesforce by clicking here.

4. AI Will Fundamentally Transform Customer Service

Even in the past few years, it’s become clear that that AI is transforming the way customer service is handled. Although most of us are familiar with chatbots as part of customer service, this blog highlighting a recent Forrester report shows that customers are starting to expect personalized messages based on their unique customer experiences. Machine learning algorithms can also reveal customer patterns in large data sets that can uncover new revenue streams – and potentially answer even some of the toughest customer questions. The future certainly looks bright for AI-powered customer service.

See how AI is dramatically reshaping customer service here.

5. The AI Rocketship is Taking Off, Are You On Board?

In our latest infographic blog we talk about the mission at hand: AI paired with meteoric sales and marketing growth. For instance, did you know that 80% of marketing execs say AI will “revolutionize” their industry in 5 years? 72% of businesses are also using lead scoring, is yours? Based on what we have seen, the AI rocketship is clearly taking off, so you need to ensure that your team is on board – high-priority leads and new markets are sure to follow after liftoff.

See more about how AI is launching to new heights by clicking here.

Be sure to check in next week to see all of the cool things that are happening in the world of B2B!

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