What is AI-Assisted Sales?

By May 24, 2017
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Time is the most scarce and valuable resource for all sales professionals. Now more than ever, the most innovative sales teams are finding ways to spend more time closing and less time on lead generation and prospecting.

Leading sales professionals and executives have begun looking to AI-assisted sales in order to automate manual aspects of prospecting, accelerate pipeline creation, and gain real-time access to key account and sales intelligence. Platforms like EverString take the guesswork out of sales prospecting by continuously analyzing all data based on criteria you’ve entered (or that the platform has determined for you) that best represents your ideal customer.

What “AI-Assisted” Means for Sales Teams

Closing more deals in less time is a top goal for any sales team, regardless of size. However, there are usually three buckets that many sales professionals fall into, and all of them are tied to timing and resourcing:

  1. Sales teams that are in the beginning stages, focusing on their first customers and needing to build pipeline quickly.
  2. Established companies with sales development (SDR) teams tired of using existing programs that aren’t efficient.
  3. Companies with sales teams that have too many leads and need to prioritize their time and pipeline.

EverString has solutions that scale to these particular challenges, and more. With AI-assisted sales capabilities, teams can use account scoring to quickly see the volume and quality of their relevant sales prospects.

Putting sales strategies into motion is also a lot easier for teams because EverString Audience Platform is scalable and doesn’t require heavy training or an administrator. The platform is designed to be used directly by individual sales reps, sales development reps or sales leaders. Simply input relevant keywords and similar companies into EverString, and the platform will give you all of the info you need about your next prospect, including firmographic and technographic data, ideal contacts, intent data and consolidated news.

AI-Assisted Sales, At a Glance

At EverString, we use AI to help sales teams discover more prospects in minutes, not months. By loading keywords and similar companies into our search, EverString discovers similar, net-new, relevant accounts and contacts for sales teams. Speed isn’t the only thing that’s impressive about AI-assisted sales — the accuracy of EverString’s data is helping sales teams get on the right track as well. Here’s how both are working side-by-side to help businesses close more deals:

  • Search based on keywords and similar companies. Salespeople know how to deliver messaging when they are in a conversation with a relevant prospect. That said, identifying the right prospects in those pivotal beginning stages is crucial. With EverString, sales professionals can enter relevant keywords and similar companies they have had success with in the past to discover net-new, relevant prospects.
  • Find the company data you need, at all times. Doing your homework on a potential customer is also crucial to prospecting and meeting prep. With EverString’s account intelligence and sales intelligence capabilities, you can see everything you need to know about a company, including revenue, number of employees, location, technographic data, intent surges, contacts and consolidated news. This way, you can spend less time researching prospects and more time doing what you do best: selling.
  • Define your market with a completely self-service platform. Practicality matters to sales professionals, and EverString’s platform is completely scalable to fit your specific needs on a self-service basis. Whether you are a sales development representative or an account executive, EverString’s intuitive interface can deliver what you need without requiring an administrator, sales operations support or heavy training.

Elevate yourself and your team above the clutter of sales data so that you can spend more time selling and less time trying to find your next prospect. Simply put, EverString’s AI-assisted capabilities give sales teams the platform they need to close more deals in less time.

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