Facebook Acquires AI Assistant, 20 B2B Marketing Jokes, Machine Learning ‘Crucial’ for Marketers

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This week, we are returning our focus to AI and machine learning, but also a glimpse into how both of those things will affect social media and marketing down the road. We’ll also wrap up the week with some great jokes only B2B marketers will truly understand. Enjoy!

CMOs and Corporate Sales Leaders Are Fans of AI

In a recent survey compiled by IBM’s Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics highlighted in a Datamation article, CMOs and their counterparts in sales have a growing interest in AI for work. Of the respondents, 64 percent said that investments into these technologies will be shaping up over the next 3 years in their respective industries. Even more promising, a clear majority of the survey participants, 93 percent, stated that cognitive computing is “mature and ready for commercial adoption.” This is yet another reminder that a growing number of companies are planning on incorporating AI-assisted sales and marketing into their strategies in the coming years.

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It’s ‘Crucial’ for Brands to Introduce Machine Learning Into their Marketing

According to Adweek, machine learning is a metaphorical “smart pill” that CMOs, and marketers in general, that they can’t afford not to take moving forward. Despite the anxiety that some marketers may be having about adopting AI capabilities into their tech stack, Adweek argues that marketing leaders will need to invest in AI in order to get ahead with customer interactions moving forward. After all, as Adweek points out in their article, a recent Gartner survey reveal that a whopping 85 percent of customer  connections will be managed without a human by 2020. The article goes on to dispel myths about machine learning in marketing, and offers some great reasons why marketers should actually be excited about the technology, from more precision with marketing data to uncovering sales opportunities.

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“A whopping 85 percent of customer  connections will be managed without a human by 2020.”

Facebook Acquires AI Assistant for Messenger

As VentureBeat reported, AI assistant startup Ozlo has been acquired by Facebook to help infuse machine learning into its Messenger experiences. Ozlo, which launched its app for iOS and web in October 2016, quickly moved up in the ranks mostly due to its ability for users to filter restaurant listings. And, impressively, the technology allows users to do so in a conversational format. VentureBeat also stated that eventually major food-centric sites like Yelp and DoorDash took notice – as did Facebook.  VentureBeat also referenced a DigiTimes article showing that Facebook is looking into creating a home speaker like Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s HomePod. Clearly, Facebook is going all in on AI across many formats.

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20 Jokes Only a B2B Marketer Will Get

B2B marketing definitely has its ups and downs, which means that humor is of the utmost importance when you’re trying to blow off a little steam. That’s why we were especially happy to see this recent Top Rank Marketing article highlighting the top 20 jokes only B2B marketers will get. Be sure to read through it so that you can get some much-needed LOLing heading into the weekend. Here’s an example of some B2B marketing jokes that might hit close to home:

Q: Why does the B2B marketing band only have backup vocals?
A: They’re having trouble getting qualified leads.

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In Marketing, it’s All About Being Agile

In our most recent blog post, Deborah Holstein, CMO at EverString, breaks down the top 5 ways that marketers can be more agile with their ideal customer profile (ICP). As a B2B marketer, the environment around you is constantly changing, from your competitors to your customers, and even your own sales team and MarTech stack. As a result, marketers need to be agile in order to rise above their competition. Be sure to read through the ways you can bolster your ICP with speed and accuracy, with AI tools and technologies leading the way.

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That’s it for this week’s news post – be sure to tune in next week for the best stories in B2B marketing, sales, AI and everything between!


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