We’re In Austin! Let’s Get Weird.

By June 3, 2016
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Austin Texas - Here we come

As one of the biggest melting pot cities in the US, Austin is home to artists, musicians, biker groups, college students, and drifters alike. It’s a refreshing city that has a vibrant culture, in all honesty it’s weird, and the locals wouldn’t have it any other way.


EverString is heading to the FlipMyFunnel Festival, tomorrow, June 7th, in the awesome city of Austin, Texas. When FlipMyFunnel Festival was in San Francisco, we sponsored the event, and loved our time with Terminus, and all our fellow ABMer’s— how could we not do the same in Austin?! This time we have not one, but two of our marketing superstars speaking on stage.

Uberflip is presenting with our Content Marketing Manager, Rachel Lefkowitz at 11:10am talking about how you can use content to completely slay the ABM game.

Our fearless leader, Jim Walker, VP of Marketing will also be presenting on main stage at 3:25pm, discussing building a practical and realistic plan for ABM from a practitioner’s point of view.

We’re bringing one of our favorite SDR’s Austen to Austin (get it?), so make sure to come say hi to him and the rest of the team at the EverString booth at the J.W. Marriott.

Now for my favorite part, drum roll please…… where to eat, drink and hang out in Austin! This will be my 3rd time to this eclectic city, I’ve tried a few things— you can trust me.

The New Speakeasy
Small Victory | Downtown
Opening in January of this year, Small Victory is the newest effort by cocktail veterans Josh Loving & Brian Stubbs. Once you gain entrance to this tiny, gorgeous bar settle down with vintage cocktails derived from original 1930’s recipes.


The Best Donut
There are two kind of people in this world, the one’s that like no frills donuts and the one’s that like over the top donuts. I personally am a no frills fan but don’t worry, donuts are so delicious I’m going to give you two options.

The No Frills Donut
KC Donuts | South Austin
This is your friendly neighborhood donut joint and they make donut holes double the size as normal shops.

2012-05-14-5breakfast pastries austin --KCDonuts

The Over the Top Donut
Gourdoughs | South 1st
You literally need a fork and knife for these things, I am not joking. One of the more famous is called The Elvis, which has caramelized banana, bacon and peanut butter on a single donut. Come hungry and don’t get overwhelmed by the menu, they are all good.


The Band
The Eric Tessmer Band
THEY ARE SO AWESOME. I spotted them at Friends Bar on the infamous (and dirty) 6th Street haul and was blown away. Austin is also known for having the best musicians so have no fear, there is music pouring out of every bar nightly.


Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
Cenote | East Austin
This is my personal favorite for a few reasons – they make amazing coffee, it’s in one of the oldest buildings on the street (they converted an old church into the shop) and they have a super simple, delicious breakfast taco. They also have live music, beer and wine in the evening, everything I love under one roof.


The Nightcap
Justine’s Brasserie | East Austin
All is right in the world at Justine’s. Gorgeous people, vinyl playing, Sazerac’s and the best music in your ear.


The Last Meal
La Barbeque | East Cesar Chavez
One pound of brisket, a side of buttermilk potato salad and a lone star please.


If that list doesn’t make you want to jump on a plane to Austin, I don’t know what will! We’ll see you there!

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