Authenticity in Go-To-Market Teams

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In this video we’ll discuss authenticity for sales, sales development and marketing when it comes to sending emails. The rise of sales acceleration software from companies like SalesLoft has dramatically increased the number of emails being sent from businesses to prospects, and there are new challenges for businesses with two email send engines. One of the most immediate challenges is who emails are being sent from. Because SDRs and Account Executives are now sending far more emails to prospects, marketers need to switch the “From” field to “{Company} Marketing” or to the name of their head of marketing. This will prevent confusion for prospects and should keep them from hitting the dreaded spam button when they open emails coming from your business.


Video Transcript:

“Hey everybody, Matt Amundson here with another Modern Marketing Tip. So, in any modern go-to-market team, you probably have two primary email send engines. One, a marketing automation system, like a Marketo, and two, a sales acceleration system like a SalesLoft.

Who those messages are coming from really, really matter. And as marketers, we’ve been conditioned to want to send emails on behalf of our SDRs or on behalf of our salespeople.

Don’t do that.

Now that you have a sales acceleration engine, make sure the messages that are coming from AEs and SDRs are authentic and coming from them, or the marketing messages should be coming from the marketing team, VP of Marketing, or Director of Demand Gen.”

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