Authenticity in Sales Pays Off, the Future of ‘Content Intelligence,’ 5 AI Growth Hacks for Sales

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What's Trending in B2B

Just because you work at a B2B company doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your customers on a deeper level. So, this week we are focusing on stories that are all about making sales and marketing more successful with elements like storytelling and sales empathy. We’ll also be highlighting top sales and marketing events for 2018, and a new ebook that’s all about using AI to make your day-to-day easier. Read below to get this week’s edition of What’s Trending in B2B:

1. Sales Empathy and Storytelling: The New Traits of a Modern B2B CMO

When tech is powering almost every aspect of the B2B journey, making genuine connections with both prospects and customers can be challenging. But modern B2B CMOs are up to the task, according to a recent article in Demand Gen Report. Throughout the piece, top marketing leaders and CMOs discuss how they have been able to use tech alongside a strategy moved by sales empathy and storytelling in order to interact with their audience in a genuine and forward-thinking way. With digital marketing showing no signs of slowing down, having both traits will be crucial for marketing leaders in the future.

2. Five AI Growth Hacks for Sales

There are a lot of shifting sands in sales, so you need strategies that move fast. That’s exactly why many high-growth companies are looking to AI solutions in order to drive more revenue, and it’s paying off for both productivity and revenue. In our latest ebook, we will walk through 5 key ways that AI can help you power through sales cycles, including:

  • Quickly identifying accounts that are more likely to close
  • Focusing and prioritizing efforts on those accounts
  • Seeing signals that identify which accounts are already looking for your product
  • Gaining access to the most accurate sales data in the market
  • Getting up-to-date customer insights whenever you need them

Check out our latest ebook and learn how AI can become a key differentiator for your high-growth sales team!

3. Content Powered by AI? It’s More Common Than You Think

In B2B marketing, we all heard the phrase that “content is king” just a few years ago. While that might still be true, it was only a matter of time before content powered by machine learning was going to enter the picture. Based on this new MarTech Advisor article, that time has already arrived. Although AI might be powering the execution behind content strategies, much of the creative processes, such as content writing and design, will likely not be automated. However, with major companies like Google, Spotify and Wayblazer using things like language recognition and deep learning to better understand how content performs and interacts with people, AI could be a beneficial aspect to content production moving forward.

4. Why Sales Strategies Require Passion and Sincerity

In this recent Ask Dave post from Forbes, the discussion of starting a sales process as an entrepreneur came up – and the response to it came down to this: Be passionate and sincere about your product. The author made a point of saying that getting a “no” from customers is part of the process early on, especially when you are an entrepreneur at a high-growth company. That’s why it’s so crucial for sales leaders to simply “be authentic and show what your product can do,” according to the author. Although it’s simple advice, it’s easy for even the most seasoned sales pros to forget that the biggest part of sales is making a connection – and you can’t do that without passion and sincerity through every sales touch.

5. Top Ten B2B Sales and Marketing Events of 2018

While 2017 is winding down, event season will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start planning for your favorite B2B sales and marketing events in 2018. There is no better way to learn from prominent sales and marketing leaders, meet other like-minded people in your industry, network and learn about the best strategies for success in B2B. If you’re curious about which event might be right for you – check out our new blog about the best B2B sales and marketing events to attend in 2018.

Thanks for reading – and tune in next week for our latest edition of What’s Trending in B2B!

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