Bad Data Sucks! Why You Need Accuracy and Coverage

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Data quality has wide-reaching effects on a business’ sales and marketing efforts. Working with bad data can not only hurt your company’s close rates, but it can also damage your profits and hurt your sales and marketing efforts.

If you want to effectively engage with your accounts, set meetings with the right contacts, or even sell to the correct leads, your data must be accurate. Accurate data is the linchpin all B2B teams live and die on.

The levels of accuracy around account specific data in this industry have been pretty dismal. Most people have just come to accept that. There’s a broad sense of what’s going on at each account, but it often means applying human capital and knowledge to the database to verify and expand it.

Without up-to-date, accurate data, things can go badly from the outset.

  • Without an accurate employee count at a prospect’s office, the wrong person might call on them, or try selling to a company that’s too big or too small.
  • You can waste a lot of time trying to track down the wrong person or reach someone who’s no longer at that company.
  • Without the right information about their tech stack, you may try selling solutions to companies that literally can’t use them.
  • Getting bad leads with bad data can create a lot of distrust between the sales and marketing teams. A lot of “the leads are bad/you’re not selling right!” accusations can fly back and forth.
  • Selling to a lot of companies that are not a good fit can be embarrassing to your brand, because it shows you either don’t care to know about your clients, or you’re willing to rely on bad data.
  • This can disqualify you as a credible partner for future legitimate sales calls.

How Can You Find Better Data?

Companies typically have to choose between the amount of data they can access versus the accuracy of that data. You could get more or you can get better, but you couldn’t get both.

But EverString has found a way to deliver large swaths of data with higher accuracy than anyone else. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve both, which avoids many of the problems mentioned earlier.

You’ll know who you’re trying to reach, who you should reach, and whether they’re even in the market for a solution like yours.

Our system works because we capture up to 20,000 unique signals for each company. We keep that data up-to-date by scouring the web via an AI system with the processing capabilities of 1 million people.

To fix errors caused by outdated information or missing data, our platform can alert human operators to research and solve those problems. This helps our platform to teach itself anything it doesn’t know, which reduces similar problems in the future. As the system learns more, it knows how to fill in those missing and outdated holes without the need for human assistance.

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Buying data from antiquated sources is problematic at best. By using live data, you can avoid the issues we’ve discussed. You can make your sales and marketing teams much more efficient, and you’ll close more deals faster and easier.

Ready to take a deep-dive of our data platform? Check out the World’s Best Data guide, or request a demo.

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