Call On Me: A Music Video By The EverString SDRs

By May 31, 2016
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Call Me Maybe - EverString Sales Team

From my experience, culture has become a crucial point to talk about while interviewing candidates. Candidates these days want more from a company than just a job, they want to love coming to work every day. From talking to friends who are SDRs at other companies, I know that the SDR team at EverString, and the company culture in general is really special.

Matt Amundson and Gordon Jen have grown our team 3x since I joined last year. There have definitely been growing pains (losing our nerf guns after a marketing team headshot at the hands of a data scientist) but overall, the core values that drew me to this team have stayed the same, and grown even stronger.

The typical EverString SDR day usually starts with a large cup of coffee and the craziest avocado toast concoction that one can come up with from our kitchen. Afterwards, we follow up on MQLs and demo requests, prospect, outbound, and call, call, CALL.

We were inspired to make this video to illustrate the passion and hard work that every EverString SDR has coming into work. Dream big, work hard, win always.



Special thanks go to Michael Dooling for helping me direct and film, Seth Andrews for editing, and Nick M for throwing himself in the video during his first week of work.

I promise, being an SDR at EverString is as fun as it looks 🙂

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