[Cheatsheet] 7 Steps To Take Your Marketing From Grody To #Yaas

By June 13, 2016
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Multi-channel marketing without data is so last year.

Let’s face it— as businesses and buyers become more complex, leveraging data throughout your entire sales funnel is a critical piece of a best-in-class sales and marketing organization. Because the internet is the key place that many companies and buyers conduct business, there is a large volume of available insights that define your total available market.

While leveraging these data insights is the new normal, getting started is often the most daunting part. What data do I really need, how can I build the most effective campaigns, why are events so important (again)?

You’re not the only one with these questions (and more).

To help you get started with understanding your multi-channel campaigns, we put together 7 steps to help kick-start the leveraging of deep data to run your multi-channel marketing campaigns with precision and relevance.

Check out our latest cheatsheet 7 Steps To Take Your Marketing From Grody to #YAAS!
7 Steps From Grody to YAAAS

What’s Old is Not New Again

The curmudgeons of old school marketing will claim ‘this is nothing new’ or ‘we’ve been doing this for years’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Interaction level data compared against larger scaled ranking signals has opened precise doors within familiar marketing channels.

Instead of flooding a channel, hoping for a response, you’re now targeting a precise prospect and that channel is just another conduit to nurture them further.

Embrace the future. Nurture your inner data nerd. Grab our new cheatsheet and take your marketing from Grody to #YAAS!

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