[Cheatsheets] The Ultimate Demand Acceleration Success Kit for Mountain Moving Marketers

By June 23, 2016
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You’ve probably heard of predictive marketing. You may know that it involves data—A LOT of data. Predictive marketing allows you to leverage that data in every marketing program, so you can reach the right audience, with the right message—at scale.

This all sounds great, but if you are a marketing practitioner, what the heck does this mean for you? How is this going to impact your day-to-day job and how is it going to bring you results that you can brag to your boss about?

We’ve put together a cheatsheet for you marketers out there pushing boundaries and always looking for new ways to rock your job. Each cheatsheet includes tips and tricks for different demand generation tactics (including Account-Based Marketing) and how predictive fits into each one. Together they bundle to be the Ultimate Demand Acceleration Success Kit.

Content Marketers

ITSMA research shows that 75% of executives will read marketing materials that are relevant to their businesses. How do you achieve relevance? Through personalization. There are many ways to achieve account-based personalization with your content without writing an entire content piece just for one company and their needs—that just doesn’t scale. Think about it in two tiers: personalized content and hyper-personalized content.

Content marketers, you probably already have a content strategy in place. Maybe you even have a bunch of content in your resource center. That is awesome! Find out how to take your existing efforts and make them account-based.

Email and Programs Manager

Email is one of your main distribution channels, and arguably the most crucial. With the insights you have from your predictive marketing platform, email shouldn’t just be a way to broadcast messages to your prospects. Instead, now that you have thousands of data points on your customers, you should be sending targeted, personal messages through your nurture streams using the personalized content you have created.

In order to engage in a true multi-channel nurturing ABM approach, paid ads are critical. Paid ads can reach out to targeted prospects when they aren’t directly engaging with you. By placing ads passively on a multitude of websites in a multitude of different ways, you can capture the attention of your target accounts by being where they are. There are three types of ads that we suggest you use with your target accounts— search ads, display ads, and retargeting.

Event Marketer

Predictive marketing enables you to be extremely effective in identifying and planning your most worth-while events, and it can minimize costs by ruling out events that aren’t right for you. From big road shows, to webinars, and dinners, the data gleaned from predictive marketing is critical helping you determine which events you should be attending or hosting.

The key to events moving the needle for your target accounts is to be where your accounts are and make sure that the events you are planning are relevant and personalized.

Marketing Team Effort

Direct mail fell out of fashion as email became the primary communication vehicles for marketers. However, direct mail continues to prove its value, especially when it comes to target account marketing and moving those accounts through your funnel.

This cheatsheet can give you some ideas about how to spark your next groundbreaking direct mail initiative.

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