CNBC’s Jim Cramer: ‘AI is Like Steroids for Your Business’

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CNBC's Jim Cramer: 'AI is Like Steroids for Your Business'

D&B’s State of Sales Acceleration report shines a bright light on issues familiar to every B2B sales professional today. Old favorites like incomplete data, aligning data across multiple sources, identifying target accounts and improving the quality of marketing leads have been the subject of many post-work, mojito-fueled complaint fests for far too long. Even high-growth teams aren’t immune to these all-too-common struggles.

As sales leaders, you feel the brunt of it because it’s your team on the phone, everyday, following up on leads and making outbound calls. You know and appreciate the value of each successful call and meeting scheduled. Yet the D&B data shows that the average rep is spending 2+ hours researching each account before making a call. And, over 25% of reps are spending 3-7 hours researching before making a call. Why are we still wasting so much time researching and not spending more time on higher value activities?

Arm Your Sales Reps with AI-assisted Sales Intelligence

Your reps need to be armed with relevant sales intelligence about both the company and the decision makers in order to make each interaction as impactful as possible. But the amount of research required to do this manually – reviewing company websites, studying LinkedIn, flipping through social sites, poring over news articles and skimming analyst reports – is tedious, time-consuming and prone to error.

High-growth businesses cannot afford to have each of their reps investing 2+ hours on research before every call.

No, your sales team definitely doesn’t “need” more or different data. What your team needs is access to up-to-date and relevant company and decision maker insights at their fingertips, and within their existing workflow. This is what is necessary to dramatically reduce the time reps spend researching and prepping, and increase the number of successful calls and meetings.
High-growth businesses cannot afford to have each of their reps investing 2+ hours on research before every call. The strongest sales leaders are adopting self-service AI-assisted B2B sales platforms like EverString to dramatically cut the time invested in both identifying the best accounts and providing needed sales intelligence.

‘AI is Like Steroids for Your Business’

Salesforce recently reported that AI is the fastest growing technology and that the best performing B2B teams have already adopted AI at 2x the rate of average teams. And, CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer said, “Artificial intelligence is like steroids for your business … once someone starts juicing, anyone who wants to remain competitive has to jump on the bandwagon.” Watch the entire CNBC video below:

Can you afford to wait? I think not. To see how AI can jumpstart your business, try out EverString for free with our 7-day trial.

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