Content: The Secret Ingredient to Sales and Marketing Alignment

By August 4, 2016
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Being a sales professional is all about being relevant, personalized, attentive to detail, and prescriptive in order to gain trust with prospects. It’s hard to do these things without the kinds of programs and resources that a great marketing team is able to provide. In my career thus far, I’ve been very lucky to work in companies with a plethora of those resources.

Here at EverString, we have a marketing team that truly goes the distance to enable myself and my colleagues to be more trusted and successful sales professionals. They spend countless hours building out marketing campaigns, accelerator programs, blog posts, tradeshow parties (yes, I still get excited talking about our Summer Anthem Party at Marketo Summit in May), field events, and more to help drive leads through the funnel, and into my SDR’s hands.

One thing that often gets overlooked, is the amount of great content that our team generates. In my eyes – content is king. Great content enables each person on the sales team to have better, and more in-depth conversations about how to help the buyer achieve his or her goals. And the content itself shows the buyer that we as a company understand their business and their individual pain points.

Over the past 9 months or so, EverString has had what I like to call a Content Explosion. Our team has built out so many blog posts, case studies, ebooks, whitepapers, etc. All of which has directly impacted our growth as a company, and our ability to truly become thought leaders in the predictive marketing space. EverString as a brand has become a trusted advisor for marketers to learn about industry topics like Account-Based Marketing, predictive demand generation, account prioritization, and audience expansion. And it’s up to me as a sales rep to leverage that content to advise my prospects, and what EverString can do to help.

Thanks to all of the content that we have to leverage, I actually hand-pick the specific blog posts or white papers that I send after each phone call—tailoring the content to fit whatever came up in my conversation with the prospect.

Doing this personalized follow up manually each time I have a prospecting call (about 15 set meetings per week on average) would take most people forever, but our marketing team enabled the sales team to leverage Uberflip Target Streams. Uberflip Target Streams allows you to essentially create your own landing page full of hand-picked content. With this feature, I can personalize my follow up with just a few clicks of the mouse to ensure I am sending the right content at the right time to the right people. How does it work? It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Select a personalized title for the content stream (kind of like a landing page).


2. Next, I have instant access to all content that our marketing team has ever published and can use a keyword search to find the right targeted content before adding it to the Target Stream.


3. Publish your Target Stream and include it in your follow up email to your prospect.



So how’s that for marketing and sales alignment? Marketing is pumping out content like it’s going out of style, and we as sales professionals always need that leg up on the competition by assuming the role of trusted advisor and facilitating our prospect’s decision-making process. When we’re working together with marketing, we can truly make our business and personal brand stand out as thought leaders in order to ultimately accelerate deals. Tools like Uberflip help us do this faster and at scale.

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