Creating a Category Through Storytelling: Why I Joined EverString

By August 26, 2015
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why i joined everstring

It’s always stressful to change jobs and go to a new company. But, there comes a time in everyone’s (well, most people’s—OK, some people’s) career when they need to focus on something new–new people, new topics, new challenges. Plus, when you are in content marketing, well, sometimes you just need new topics to write about!

After 3+ years of leading content marketing for Marketo, it was time for me to think about my next step. I was ready for a new challenge—ready to take what I learned about content marketing over the past few years and apply it to a new company with a new concept. And, as much as I did love working in a large company with a large marketing department, I wanted to try something else. I wanted to try starting from scratch and building up—helping to shape the story for a new business and category.

So, once I decided it was time for my next chapter, then it was a matter of choosing the right company. I knew my next opportunity had to be unique—a combination of visionary leadership, a high-growth roadmap, great technology in ideally the B2B marketing space, and a team of people who I could trust to drive business growth. Oh, and of course a place that knew how to have fun!

In my search for what was next for me, I found EverString. And after a lot of careful consideration, sleepless nights, and countless one-sided conversations with my dogs Eggs and Omelette, I chose to join as EverString’s Director of Content Marketing.

Here are the reasons that I joined!

EverString’s Vision and Leadership

What really impressed me about the company was the vision and the leadership team. The founding team, Vincent Yang and J.J. Kardwell come from a finance background. Plus, Vincent is a credentialed data scientist and mathematician. Together, they cover the science and the business aspect of the company.

Additionally, Jim Walker, the VP of Marketing, comes with great domain expertise in category creation and marketing within a startup environment. I was excited to learn more about what it takes to be agile and entrepreneurial—which just isn’t something you can learn in a larger enterprise software company.

I was impressed by the vision of the company—how to leverage data science in a SaaS format to help marketing and sales teams do their job better. Having not only been a marketer for the past almost-decade, but also writing countless ebooks on the subject—there are two main problems that most marketers face—generating more leads and sending the best leads to sales—so they can close deals.

Predictive marketing solves this problem. There is so much interesting data science that can be applied to predict outcomes and help marketers do their jobs better and more efficiently. Predictive marketing is set to become the true future of how we, as marketers, do our jobs.

And the space is ready for a leader to emerge. With EverString’s vision and impressive growth, I think that we are perfectly positioned for a win.

EverString’s Technology

Working at Marketo, I heard a lot of buzz about predictive marketing. But, many of the companies in the space are narrowly focused and have more of a services model—taking up to 6 weeks to create a functional data model—and this doesn’t scale. EverString’s solution is built as a SaaS platform, so a customer’s data model is not only ready in a day, but it is also agile and can change as the company grows.

Additionally, EverString’s technology does it all—predictive demand generation, predictive lead scoring, and predictive engagement. Plus, some of the new product releases coming up are game changers.

The Opportunity

Another key aspect of making a move was the opportunity. What would my new role be like? What is the growth trajectory for my team and the marketing team as a whole? By joining EverString at this critical moment, I have the opportunity to build and grow a content marketing organization from the ground up! It is an entirely new challenge to think about content strategy, structure, process, and creation for a rapidly growing startup.

Plus, I get to help shape the story for the business, helping to differentiate us from our competitors—how can content and thought leadership pave the way for success? How can we help our customers become more successful with our product and be better marketers at the same time? Predictive marketing is an enticing space—and the story has yet to be told—I am excited to be part of crafting what that is and what it can mean for marketers.

So far, my one-week journey has been great! The team is filled with smart, A-players who are ready to collaborate. I have a ton of content initiatives already on my plate, which is fantastic! And, I can’t complain about the delicious free food, healthy snack-stocked kitchen, and my stand-up optional desk!

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