Customer Spotlight: Bryan Gaertner at DocSend

By April 26, 2017
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Becoming an effective marketer doesn’t always mean you take a typical path. Sometimes there are curves and bumps along the road, but they all define who you are and shape a distinct point of view for your career and company.

Bryan Gaertner recently spoke with us about his journey as a marketer, why he joined DocSend, and why he decided to partner with EverString to scale an Account-Based Marketing initiative.

Making a Major Career Move in Marketing

It’s a common theme with many marketers moving up in their careers: You want more from your current role or company, and you’re just not sure that your current situation can provide what you need. You decide it might be time for a career move. But career moves are scary, and there are a lot of unknowns.

Bryan was at Google for over five years. He had worked in advertising, helping to monetize mobile apps. But Bryan felt like advertising wasn’t the end-all-be-all industry for him, and he was missing that small startup feel where you can have more influence on the business.

Then his best friend called, who happened to be the CTO of DocSend. And in Bryan’s words, “When one of your closest friends calls you up with a great idea and the ability to execute on it and asks you to help build the company—you say yes.”

It didn’t take long for Bryan to join DocSend as Director of Marketing and Business Operations, driving business strategy—and wearing a lot of hats. The DocSend team’s hard work paid off. Due to DocSend’s growth, Bryan and his team needed to move away from manual account selection to something more scalable as DocSend rapidly expanded its sales teams.

Scaling DocSend’s Account-Based Marketing Initiative

DocSend provides a content management and tracking solution that helps sales teams find and share content that closes deals, while giving marketing teams reporting on how content is impacting revenue. DocSend knew that they solve problems a lot of companies face, and they spent a lot of time making sure the contacts they reached out to were top-tier fits.

Until DocSend looked at EverString as an option, Bryan was manually building out target account lists every week. This was incredibly time-consuming and not scalable, especially given the company’s rapid growth. Bryan needed something he could trust, and fast. And, he wanted a solution that could give his sales team more time reaching out to leads and less time spent on lead generation itself.

“If you’re paying a team to sell, they should spend all of their time selling,” Bryan explained.

Enter EverString’s Audience Platform. Powered by AI-assisted technology, EverString enabled Bryan to run an effective search of best-fit companies and then obtain actionable, quality data for his team so that they could focus on what they do best: selling.

Bryan was also intrigued by EverString because of its self-service platform, and he liked that EverString’s technology could scale as his team expanded. Over time, EverString enabled a level of control that he had not seen in any other solution, while at the same time maintaining quality data output. We’re so excited to have him as a customer!

To learn more about DocSend, follow them on Twitter.

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