Customer Spotlight: Rob Anderson, Docebo

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Collaboration and mentoring are things that aren’t always bragged about in sales, but they’re definitely important. More often than not, sales professionals are depicted as shark-like and intensely competitive. However, learning and absorbing from sales leaders is paramount to almost anyone’s future in sales. For Rob Anderson, Manager of Outbound Business Development at Docebo, it was crucial to his development as a sales leader, and it’s something that he is looking to pave forward to the next generation of sales professionals.

Docebo is an advanced learning management system (LMS) that helps organizations track and distribute online courses for formal learning across many formats. It’s a truly collaborative technology that goes beyond formal learning by empowering organizations to socially capture previously hidden knowledge from experts within their organization, and it also enables employees to learn in an informal setting so they can easily access the most the important information on-demand.

Rob drives entrepreneurial spirit at Docebo

Rob started developing a knack for sales early. His dad worked in sales, so Rob was familiar with the game at a young age. Rob got a B2B sales internship in college so that he could get more face time with clients. After college, he worked as an SDR in Atlanta with a startup and worked his way up quickly by building a channel program – it didn’t take long for him to be promoted to team lead. Later on, Rob switched gears and joined Docebo, becoming team lead before being promoted to manager of outbound business development.

Rob was brought on to Docebo to build its outbound global business development program from the ground up. There was only one sales rep there when he started, and most of Docebo’s success previously came from inbound marketing. Docebo really needed someone who could go after target accounts and lead campaigns. And, Rob was more than ready to get to work.

“I always try to start with the ‘why?’ in sales. Asking the right questions and absorbing that information is so important.”

Today, Rob has scaled Docebo’s Outbound team to 7 sales reps and built out their first internship program, and they have plans to continue to scale up to further supplement their inbound team. Docebo is truly an international company with its headquarters in Milan but they also have offices in Toronto, Athens, GA, and Dubai, and hold events all over the world including their first User Conference #DoceboInspire this September in Boston, MA. Obviously, an open line of communication must be key to Docebo’s future endeavors, which is why it’s definitely part of Rob’s sales philosophy.

“There is this mythical thought about closing being ‘the end all, be all’ of sales. But in reality, I think opening is the new closing,” Rob explained. “I always try to start with the ‘why?’ in sales. Asking the right questions and absorbing that information is so important.” According to Rob, driving pipeline actually has just as much value as closing deals – to him, that’s where the value is and how you know you have a healthy company.

Rob becomes a sales leader

Rob was on a path to become an account executive, but realized his strengths were better suited to leading and coaching young sales reps. He knew he had a skill for helping sales teams build their careers – in fact, seeing other people succeed under his mentorship is one of the ways he measures his own career.

He brought this approach with him to Docebo as well. The company has around 1300 clients, but no one was really channeling those “land and expand” tasks that are so crucial to sales development. This was especially true for the healthcare companies that Rob was trying to land deals with. Getting in early with a hospital system and building up that groundswell with key players – essentially getting less deals but landing ones that were bigger – really helped him tier those accounts, score them and rank them, and become more strategic with outreach efforts.

Rob was leading the way, so he was able to pick and choose from sales strategies that have worked in the past to build a brand-new, tailor-made strategy specifically for Docebo. There was some trial-and-error, and sometimes it wasn’t always a perfect fit, but in the end he was able to truly build an outbound strategy unique to Docebo and its business goals.

“It was a big undertaking when it comes to sales and there was a lot of opportunity to build something from nothing – but in the end, that’s what I really like to do,” Rob explained.

How Rob got on board with EverString

With so many responsibilities at Docebo, Rob’s time is crucial, but he still needed to hone in on his target accounts. For Docebo, vertical and geographic territories just wouldn’t work without EverString. Docebo has a good understanding of its ICP and data, but Rob didn’t have the time to streamline all of this information manually. After one of his mentors mentioned EverString as a possible solution to these pain points, he took a look at the website and requested a demo. Immediately, EverString’s Jack Veronin reached out to him.

“I think there are a lot of creative ways to use EverString, and it’s exciting to do so. I’m able to see a lot of new accounts so quickly, and it saves a ton of time in my day.”

“It was one of the best sales processes I’ve ever had. He took an hour out of his day, showed me how EverString used the platform internally and hopped on many calls to walk me through any questions,” Rob explained.

Since becoming a recent customer, Rob has become a really big fan of EverString. He uses the platform to try and replicate Docebo’s highest value accounts. But he also obtains a lot of information about sales competitors, which really helps with targeting. He has also used the platform to “reverse engineer” Docebo’s case studies, or using existing messaging from Docebo’s previous sales wins to reach to similar companies.

“I think there are a lot of creative ways to use EverString, and it’s exciting to do so. I’m able to see a lot of new accounts so quickly, and it saves a ton of time in my day.”

To learn more about Rob and his continued path with sales, follow him and Docebo on Twitter.

Rob Anderson, Docebo

Rob is the Head of Outbound Business Development at Docebo. At the age of 24, he has worked his way up from being an SDR to leading a global team in less than a year. He graduated from the University of South Carolina and recently moved from Atlanta to Athens, Georgia, to build Docebo’s Outbound program from the ground up. Rob’s focus is two-fold: pipeline growth and people development. He loves SEC as well as NFL football and of course running the ping pong table at work.

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