[Ebook] The 3 Core Impacts of Predictive Marketing: How Predictive Activates Your Business to Perform, Grow and Align

By June 21, 2016
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No matter the industry, size of company, or maturity of business, the fundamental challenge of any marketing organization remains the same—how do we identify and capture the right audience and how can we effectively communicate with them?

Organizations are putting more faith and budget behind their marketing teams to create messaging to address an industry, a brand, or product in an attempt to better guide the buyer conversation. Marketers are no longer tasked with just bringing in cold leads. They are tasked with defining the conversations with the right people.

In this new paradigm, not only do marketing teams need to focus on volume, but they also need to focus on quality. And with infinite choices on what programs to run, how do you prioritize your time? How can you understand your buyers better than ever?

Luckily, in an age where the buyer is doing her own research, there is an abundance of data that enables marketers to be more relevant with their customers. But how can you possibly collect, aggregate, and make sense of all of that data?

Predictive marketing is the practice of using data to identify an optimal audience and message, increasing the relevancy, focus, and effectiveness of your marketing programs so you can grow your business faster.

While the previous generation of predictive marketing solutions focused on scoring and prioritizing your database, the new generation of predictive marketing platforms help you do much more. With the new predictive marketing, leveraging data becomes an actionable way to look at the entire business of sales and marketing.

Predictive marketing now allows marketers to use data to drive the decisions of each person on the marketing team. Predictive allows marketers to capitalize on the abundance of data in order to make their marketing relevant to the accounts that matter most at every stage of the funnel.

In this ebook, we explain the three core impacts of predictive marketing, and how to use data to activate the relationship between you and your addressable market through:

  • Segmented email nurturing
  • Multi-channel demand acceleration
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Personalization
  • New Market Expansion

Check it out now! 

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