[Ebook] Building a Data-Driven Sales and Marketing Team: How to Leverage Predictive Marketing Throughout Your Entire Revenue Team

By July 19, 2016
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As your business and buyers become more complex, leveraging data throughout your entire sales funnel is a critical piece of a best-in-class sales and marketing organization. Because the internet is the key place that many companies and buyers conduct business, there is a large volume of available insights that define your total available market. Additionally, leveraging these data insights within the sales and marketing funnel is becoming the new normal—to be competitive in your marketplace, you must have a data-driven sales and marketing organization.

Predictive marketing benefits multiple groups within your organization. The outputs and insights from a predictive marketing platform can be used across both sales and marketing to streamline efforts, help with prioritization, and drive revenue growth.

This ebook will go through how each role on your marketing and sales teams can be more effective by using predictive marketing in both their day-to-day and strategic initiatives.

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