The EverString 6For6 Series Featuring Tyler Lessard on How Video Is Making an Impact on B2B Business

By October 19, 2016
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Welcome to the eigth installment of our 6 For 6 Blog Series! This is a series of 6 answers to 6 buzz-worthy questions from leading marketing influencers around the country. This blog features Tyler Lessard, CMO at Vidyard, a video platform for marketing and sales. Video is getting all kinds of buzz. We wanted to get Tyler’s take on how video is making an impact on B2B business.

1. How can businesses use video as a part of their Account Based Marketing plans?

Oh my goodness, let me count the ways! Targeted video advertisements are an easy starting point to help get the attention of individuals at key accounts. Then think about delivering targeted, personalized video campaigns via email to known contacts at target accounts. These can be produced on a one-off basis for each target account, or you can use personalized video technology to automate the personalization weaving the individual person’s name right into the video and the thumbnail. A sure-fire way to get noticed. Next, empower your sales team to use custom videos for direct prospecting. Record a custom video message for each key prospect and send via email, or record a short screen capture to show them exactly how you can help. Video is such an amazing way to cut through the clutter and get the attention you deserve!

2. What are the first critical steps a business needs to take in order to launch a personalized video strategy?

Personalized video is a pretty amazing thing. We’ve found that by weaving the individual viewer’s name or company name seamlessly into the video itself, you can boost click-through and conversion rates by 500% or more if you do it right. To effectively do personalized video, you need a marketing automation platform with good data quality, the right video platform (like Vidyard!) that can support personalized video at scale, and the creative juices to come up with awe-inspiring ideas for great video content.

3. Can you tell us the story behind V-Bot?

V-Bot is our company mascot, and has become so beloved by the community that we decided to weave elements of V-Bot into the fabric of our brand. For those who have not experienced it, V-Bot is a green video marketing robot that is here to help businesses be more successful with video. V-Bot was originally an animated character in an early Vidyard explainer video who then became the graphic for the 404 Page Not Found page on our early website. Good old V-Bot pulling back the page to reveal the broken bits behind the screen. From that point on, V-Bot took on a life of its own. V-Bot became a character in more videos and eventually was turned into a full blown, 7-foot tall mascot who loves to attend marketing conferences (and the odd dance party). V-Bot’s head and antennae are now a part of the main company logo representing viewership (the eyes) and intelligence (the antennae), and little V-Bot (also known as Wee-Bot) is now the logo for ViewedIt, a free screen recording tool that we recently launched. So much V-Bot, so much goodness.

4. What’s your favorite app on your phone?

Is it lame to say Slack and Facebook? One for work, one for family and friends. I care more about communications and connections than games or tools!

5. OK – since Vidyard is all about video, we have to ask–what do you enjoy watching?

I most enjoy watching the Toronto Blue Jays win in the playoffs. Next to that, I can’t get enough Game of Thrones and really really wish we would be treated to another season of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch.

6. When you’re not marketing you’re …. ?

Usually chasing (or running from) one of my four amazing children. I absolutely cherish every opportunity to spend time with them and to watch their minds grow.

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6 for 6 profile: Tyler is a passionate marketing and business development professional with a love for anything that mixes art and science. As the CMO at Vidyard, Tyler drives global brand and digital marketing strategy, customer engagement programs, sales enablement, and whatever else needs to get done to create a broad network of ecstatic customers.

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