EverString and Bombora Partnership Combines the Power of AI and Intent Data

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EverString and Bombora combine AI and Intent Data

“Having seen how our customers – and then ourselves as marketers – use Everstring and Bombora to understand potential customers in complementary ways, we realized that a partnership was ultimately the best way to ensure customer success.”

Marc Johnson, CMO and General Manager at Bombora

Predictive sales and marketing is making big waves – and so is intent data. That’s why when EverString, the leader in sales and marketing SaaS platforms, joined forces with Bombora, the leading provider of intent data, a powerful partnership for B2B sales and marketing was formed.

EverString Audience Platform is a perfect home for Bombora’s powerful intent data. Any of the capabilities within EverString, such as account targeting for sales and predictive marketing, improve significantly with intent data. EverString gives businesses a full view of their ideal customer, and Bombora gives a view of what those customers are interested in right now. No matter the industry, businesses need to understand the products their customers are researching and the content they are consuming, whether it is on their own site or across the B2B web.

For Marc Johnson, CMO and General Manager at Bombora, and Dale Durrett, VP of Partnerships at Bombora, partnering with EverString ensures that marketers can connect companies with potential buyers and flow that knowledge across multiple sales and marketing activities, including account targeting, outbound sales, event planning and lead generation. Bombora is also a customer of EverString, so Marc and Dale’s team had first-hand knowledge of how intent data could optimize EverString’s platform, and deliver practical value for sales and marketing teams.

Bombora and EverString: Actionable Assets for AI-Assisted Sales and Marketing

Practicality matters a lot to sales and marketing teams, and thankfully the EverString-Bombora partnership is able to deliver on that front as well. Before the partnership, it was clear that many of EverString and Bombora’s customers needed both solutions. Customers were manually putting EverString and Bombora side-by-side – putting together lists in one window, tracking surge in another. Bringing these two technologies together not only served a market-driven purpose for the two companies, but it also gave a much more holistic experience for customers while they were doing sales and marketing research.

VersionOne saw a 43% increase in business pipeline using Bombora intent data within EverString Audience Platform

VersionOne, a leader in Agile software development and DevOps solutions, is one example of a company that was able to create serious revenue thanks to this partnership. Jodi Lebow, the Director of Demand Generation at VersionOne, was able to see a 43% increase in business pipeline.With the combination of Bombora and EverString, users have the ability to conquer a lot of common challenges with ease as well, including:

  • Account-based targeting: Customers are able to translate the intent data into identification, letting salespeople call into accounts that are surging.
  • Field marketing: Teams no longer have to fly blind in regions they are unfamiliar with. Intent data gives signals so that teams can target accounts on a geo-targeted basis.
  • Pipeline Prioritization: By looking at intent signals, teams can see whether or not a potential prospect is interested in their product or service, and at the right time. This allows salespeople and marketers keep their queue as organized as possible.
  • Account Management: If a manager is looking to upsell or cross-sell, he or she can monitor surge data to see if customers are researching competitive solutions or complementary solutions.
  • Content Creation: Whether it’s content on your site, social posts or email campaigns, intent signals found in EverString’s platform can let you hone in on messaging and filter to high-fit customers.

However, the most impressive aspect of this partnership is undoubtedly the value for Bombora and EverString’s common customers, and increasing clarity from the marketplace. Before the partnership, the future of intent data and SaaS solutions for the B2B sales and marketing space in general was still a bit unknown. However, as companies are starting to see the immense value of intent in AI sales and marketing platforms, those notions are changing, and fast. “Over the past few months, in some ways due to the partnership, it’s becoming more clear how predictive SaaS solutions and intent data fit together,” Dale said.

Sales and Marketing, Simplified with AI and Intent Data

Customers are also empowered due this partnership, as they can to choose how they want to use the data. The business relationship gives customers the ability to work pretty flexibly, whether they are using intent inside the platform or exporting it into Salesforce. From an efficiency standpoint, the targeted media that these customers are going after for audiences is also simplified because they have a full view of which prospects are researching their services and products, and it’s done in a very timely manner. Because of this feature, sales teams can close deals faster and marketing professionals can see more opportunities through every stage of the funnel.

Intent data within the platform is also a true value prop for account-based sales and marketing teams. ABM workflow depends on one individual downloading one piece of content, and then an entire strategy is formed around that signal, making intent a major factor in the way that ABM professionals talk to decision makers in a B2B setting. Even more impressive, combining technology like EverString and Bombora allows ABM sales and marketing teams to take this approach and do it at scale.

“Over the past few months, in some ways due to the partnership, it’s becoming more clear how predictive SaaS solutions and intent data are like pieces that fit together.”

Marc Johnson, CMO and General Manager at Bombora

Crossover and collaboration between sales and marketing teams is also a major bonus when customers are using a combination of intent data in a B2B platform like EverString. In the past, Bombora had mainly sold to demand generation marketers and agencies, but has since discovered that sales teams are getting increasingly involved. Marc believes that this is because many marketers are starting to take more and more ownership with inside sales and sales activities.

B2B sales and marketing have just begun the orchestration and harmonization of intent data that is reflective of what customers and prospects want, so this partnership will inform all activities in the B2B sales and marketing landscape. These individuals are ahead of the market, and they are bringing everyone to the table, including field marketers, demand gen marketers, sales teams, account managers and content marketers, truly creating a more cohesive B2B environment.

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