EverString Brings Self-Service AI to B2B Sales and Marketing Teams

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SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 7, 2017 – EverString Audience Platform is the first product of its kind to put the power of artificial intelligence directly into the hands of front-line sales and marketing users.

EverString, the leading provider of AI-assisted sales and marketing software, today announced its latest release of EverString Audience Platform. The release is a major milestone for EverString and the industry, as it combines the most powerful machine learning, AI, and comprehensive data, and delivers it through a user-centric interface.

“The platform is optimized for use by front-line sales and marketing professionals, without the need for an administrator, operations specialist, or extensive training,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO and Co-founder of EverString. “This level of automation is unprecedented in the industry, and it makes AI-assisted capabilities accessible to companies of all sizes, and to all members of sales and marketing teams.“

In addition to an intuitive, completely new user interface, the latest release of EverString Audience Platform includes the following key capabilities, which change the way that sales and marketing professionals discover and understand new prospects:

  • Unified Search: EverString Audience Platform is the first of its kind to offer intuitive search capabilities enabling all revenue professionals to discover high-fit prospects. Sales and marketing teams can enter company domains or keywords to find similar companies, enrich records, and access sales and account intelligence, including related keywords, contacts, firmographic and technographic data, and consolidated news.
  • Third-party Intent Data: By integrating with a third-party intent provider, EverString enables users to find companies that are demonstrating in interest on relevant topics. With this powerful addition to the EverString Audience Platform, sales and marketing professionals can quickly identify prospects which are more likely to engage with them.
  • Data Quality: With the introduction of its breakthrough data quality management platform, EverString is able to optimize data quality at scale through a combination of machine learning and distributed human intelligence. This enables EverString Audience Platform to combine the most comprehensive and accurate data with the most advanced and automated data science.

EverString Audience Platform enables entire teams, from an entry-level marketer or account executive to the VP of sales or marketing, to use AI to do their work more effectively, and to do things they never thought possible before. Through EverString’s new features, revenue teams can obtain a more data-driven, complete view of their total addressable market and ideal customer.

“Democratizing applied AI, machine learning and data science for revenue professionals through self-service, world class UX/UI and platform automation continue to be top priorities for EverString, and our new release features reflect that,” said Amit Rai, Vice President of Product Management at EverString.

To learn more about EverString Audience Platform, visit everstring.com, or follow EverString on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About EverString

EverString Audience Platform gives B2B marketing and sales teams control over their pipeline, and gives them a complete view of their total addressable market. EverString’s intuitive, self-service platform puts the power of artificial intelligence (AI), applied data science, and the most comprehensive data directly into the hands of marketing and sales users. With EverString, users are able to quickly expand and prioritize their pipeline, and gain insight into relevant new prospects. EverString is backed by leading investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, IDG Ventures and Lakestar.

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