Flex Your Fit Data In A Surprising New Way – Intent Data Astronaut Training: 102

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Intent Data Astronaut Training 102 is all about fit data. Intent behavior is great, but unless it’s paired with a measure of ‘fit’ (how closely they compare to your ideal customer), then the mission is flawed from the start.

Intent data is a powerful account-based selling tool. But if you misread the information, you risk getting lost amongst the stars… and not in the good way. (For a quick overview of intent data, check out our last Intent Data Astronaut Training Course, the first in this series).

Qualifying leads on intent data alone, without also filtering for companies that fit your ideal criteria, could cause your team to lose valuable time and money trying to sell to accounts that aren’t ready for your solution (and may never be).

Plus, your company’s reputation is on the chopping block if you send your sales team into a meeting without the proper context. And of course, you’re missing out on a galaxy of good opportunities by focusing on accounts that show intent but aren’t a match for your offering.

In this week’s blog post, we help shine a light on an area of the Intent Data Universe that can make or break a high-yield sales strategy.

There’s a right and a wrong way to analyze intent data

So… okay, great. You’ve got your martech stack in place, and it’s hummin’ away. Soon, you’re interest is piqued when you notice a surge in intent markers for a particular segment. But marketers beware: there is a right way and a wrong way to think about intent metrics.

It’s normal to feel excited when you see your intent meter spike up. But before you jump to label it a marketing-qualified lead (MQL) and alert your sales team, data-driven marketers take a moment to look closer.

Ask yourself “what other signals can be uncovered so we understand more precisely how to approach this particular account?” In doing this extra step, you’re likely to find more behavior that can better qualify the lead before sales gets involved.

If you determine it’s not quite ready for sales to engage, you can still personalize a marketing outreach and continue nurturing the lead until it’s more ready to convert.

How ‘Fit’ lights MQLs on fire

Understanding a buyer’s intent to purchase is all fine and dandy. But if they aren’t a candidate to afford or actually find benefit in your services or product, then it’s irrelevant and can end up wasting a ton of time, degrading the trust between sales and marketing.

Fit data reveals which accounts are a good match for your product or service. It scores how well a target account “fits” with your offering based on your company’s past success. Good fit data uses machine learning to understand this history of success and build a profile of your ideal target customer, based on a unique set of characteristics (such as that target’s tech stack, revenue, size, etc.).

For fit and intent data to work, they need to work together

Fit and intent go together like stars and the universe. One just simply doesn’t work without the other. Fit without intent means you’re finding accounts who are well suited to your product, but likely aren’t considering a purchase right now. And intent without fit means you’re finding accounts who are doing research related to your industry, but are unlikely to buy what you’re selling.

By combining fit with intent, teams can propel marketing success. You may end up passing less leads to your sales team, but marketing can rest easy knowing those leads that do get passed, are highly qualified and far more likely to convert, compared to leads that are based only on intent.

See what intent + fit can do for your team

Get your hands on Fit + Intent for your organization! Request an Intent Assessment and see how many of your target accounts are searching for your solution.

And be sure to watch for our next Intent Data Astronaut Training Course, where we dive into the galaxy of intent tiers. Also, follow us on LinkedIn to catch more of our thought leader posts

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