From an SDR: Key Takeaways from #CRUSHQ4 Sales Hacker

By December 21, 2016
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The fourth quarter is upon us all. It’s that time of year where the hustle is real and the follow up is crucial. #CrushQ4, hosted by Sales Hacker, was not your ordinary sales virtual event. Full of high impact crash course(s), covering everything from new tools, new skills, and increasing sales revenue to Crush Q4 revenue goals and carry momentum into Q1 of 2017.

Being a virtual event, I was able to take notes and research keynote speakers mid-presentation. While this reminded me a bit of some sales calls – scribbling notes frantically – I was able to learn more about the CEO’s, VP’s and Directors and how their companies use the processes they presented.

As an SDR, this was a very useful and educational virtual event from some of the top influencers in the space. After watching this event, I wanted to share some key takeaways from an SDR point of view.

Time Management – Steli Efti CEO

If you’re in sales and don’t have a time management strategy for Q4, you’re going to struggle to get meetings set. He mentioned prioritizing your pipeline and focusing on the accounts that matter the most. Ask the questions that matter and embrace a sense of urgency! It’s Q4 and we need to create the right type of energy to roll over to 2017.

Here at EverString, I make sure I have an understanding of urgent/important accounts and not procrastinating in keeping them engaged.

How to be effective in managing your time:

  • Know your goals – set daily goals. For me, I set a meeting a day or make a new connection.
  • Get organized – I pin all my important tabs to help me stayed organized with information I need on a call.
  • Surround yourself with positive, successful peers – if that means going to a meeting room to escape distraction, then do it. Power through your calls with a co-worker and always look for feedback.
  • Set calendar reminders for follow ups – always look for a way to reconnect with a prospect.
  • Set up check-ins with your manager. Look for feedback or other ways to improve (this will show you’re serious about getting promoted).

How to Leverage Account Based Sales Development – Morgan Ingram, Team Lead SDR @Terminus

ABSD is described as a coordinated strategy that combines personalized, multi- channel, multi-threaded, outbound activates to create high – value opportunities in new and existing customers.

When starting out as an SDR, I was immediately taught to focus on accounts and not leads. Morgan Ingram had a great personalized session on ABSD strategy. As an SDR you have to think…Quality or Quantity? Who matters the most or what account matters the most? The answer is Accounts! The who matters too but in sales development you want to focus your campaigns on specific targeted accounts which will then improve your lead quality because you’re now focusing on leads that matter in the target account.

How I utilize ABSD

My efforts are focused on the top 50-70 target accounts. Each account contains 2-3 contacts from different titles and I’ll put them in a cadence in Salesloft. Each contact receives a personalized and unique message. Next, create a social touch by connecting on LinkedIn, following on Twitter, following the main account on Twitter, and finishing with a call the finishing with a personalized email.

Here is an example of a cold outreach to Jake Reni, Director of Sales at Consensus.


I knew Consensus was a great account opportunity. Having spoken with Jake over the phone a couple of times, and uncovered some good information, this lead to an email cadence that resulted in a meeting. In this instance, the strategy I used delivered the meeting I wanted(!!). Keep in mind, every opportunity is different. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and get creative. The same method doesn’t work for every person you prospect.

How to Close More Deals in Q4 with Memorable Marketing Strategies by Starting with the End in Mind – Jen Spencer, VP of Sales & Marketing, @Allbound

Jen points out a key aspect of a successful sales approach – know the importance of the buyer person (the actual person who is buying your product), understand where they are in the buyer’s journey and being supporting them along the journey.

These tactics reminded me of my prior life as a recruiter – I had to ask the right questions to really understand the individual. From their responses, I could get a sense if the position was the right fit.

  • Ask yourself – what motivates them?
  • What determines a success?
  • What technologies are they currently using?
  • Where do they search for solutions?

“People buy from people – so get out there, get on a plane and go meet them!” and as Jen said, “An awesome marketer just might be your sales secret weapon 😉 “

Building pipeline is crucial for SDR’s – Blake Harber, Manager of Account Development, @Lucid Software

December is a tough month for SDR’s, but Blake Harber made some great points (that worked!) to help get me in touch with the right people.  His four step process includes:

  • Add some sort of value weather it’s making a comment on a article they shared or re sharing an article, this doesn’t have to necessarily be about their product or yours but something that the prospect cares about in general (professionally or personally)
  • #CFTE – Call First Then Email. This works because when they answer the phone, gather information for the follow-up email. This will resonate with them personally, and they will appreciate your homework.
  • Set the meeting – follow up with a calendar invite, asking for the same day. If not, the next day or the following week (it doesn’t hurt to ask).
  • Invite other people who would benefit from the call.

Following up is crucial during the holidays! Don’t be afraid to reach out over email and phone:

  • “I’m calling because we have an app tomorrow afternoon”
  • “I know we invited so and so to this meeting, I’m looking at LinkedIn, should we also invite this person?”
  • “Here is the agenda, if you have any questions let me know!”

BOOM! There you have it, the key takeaways from an SDR’s point of view on CRUSHQ4! Shout out to all the amazing speakers, I enjoyed all of your sessions and learned a ton on ways to keep improving!

Happy Selling!

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