FullStory Increased Engagement With Hyper-Focused Lead Generation Strategy

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It’s a tale as old as time: Marketing and sales have a broad list of accounts and need a way to target them effectively. A leader in digital experience analytics, FullStory had over 400,000 companies in their target addressable market (TAM). They needed an efficient way to focus on only the accounts that matched their ideal customer profile, plus a way to gather and share insights on how best to engage them.

FullStory partnered with EverString to launch a modern data platform, powered by insights-driven customer modeling and the results were significant. Keep reading to see how it all happened:

CHALLENGE: Streamline Sales Prospecting

Before engaging EverString, FullStory’s sales and marketing teams had a massive amount of companies in their TAM but they needed a way to optimize prospecting activities with a more manageable list. FullStory decided to shift all of their targeting efforts to the top of their sales funnel, becoming laser-focused on the kinds of companies they wanted to engage with.

FullStory had 2 main goals:

  1. Provide the sales team with better leads
  2. Reduce time spent prospecting leads that aren’t a good fit

SOLUTION: Filter Only The Best Leads

High-Fit Accounts

Using the EverString Audience Platform (EAP), FullStory used its top-performing customer accounts to create a data model around the company profiles, defining ideal attributes like company industry, size, tech stack, and whether they had the resources to use their product.

FullStory then filtered the original 400,000 potential target accounts through the customer model. They focused on any account with a fit score of 80 or above, resulting in 200,000 high-fit accounts.

Intent-Based Activity

With a list of high-fit accounts, FullStory also leveraged EverString’s Sales Intelligence Platform (SIP) to monitor patterns in search behavior that indicate when a high-fit account was displaying recent intentions to buy. With such a robust data platform powered by performance-based customer modeling, FullStory was able to narrow their 200,000 high-fit target accounts down to:

  • 10,000 high-fit accounts showing intent (actively exploring FullStory’s category using tier one intent terms or competitor keywords)
  • 7,000 high-fit accounts showing intent + engagement

FullStory filtered out the noise and now had reduced the target list from 400,000 down to 7,000 high-fit + intent + engagement accounts. Their sales team could focus on the top 2% of accounts that were most likely to convert.

RESULTS: Boosted Awareness & Engagement

Since launching their new demand generation strategy, FullStory saw a dramatic increase in awareness and activity.

“With EverString’s help we’ve created a new way of expressing demand, by combining fit with intent and engagement data.”  – FullStory’s Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Herbert

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