The Future of Sales Development: The New SDR Leaders You Need to Know

By February 24, 2017
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the future sdr leaders

Sales development is undergoing a massive change.  From the way SDRs communicate to the channels they communicate through, in 2017 sales development looks nothing like it did when I first got started in 2011.  The rise in popularity of outbound prospecting and the efficiencies gained in inbound follow up has lead to a dramatic increase in SDR-focused technology, triggering a complete overhaul in the day to day behaviors of successful SDRs.  This shift has created an entirely new roster of SDR Leaders who are commanding respect from the market and the inside sales community as a whole.  In this article, meet the folks leading this shift and learn what’s helping them drive success in 2017.  You can meet all three March 1-3 at Rainmaker 17 in Atlanta, GA.

Morgan Ingram:

morgan ingram

Was there a more well known SDR during 2016? Launching The SDR Chronicles was a catalyst for his dramatic rise and eventual promotion to SDR Manager at Terminus. Holding his own with some of the most well-known figures in Sales Development, Morgan has built a brand for himself that is equal parts engaging and informative.  Morgan embodies all that is right with the millennial generation, and the team at Terminus should be a beacon for how millennials should be managed – instead of stifling them with simplistic tasks, empower their creativity and give them a forum to do and be more.  Active on social media, Morgan is always available to give advice or help out.

Follow him on Twitter:  @morganjingram

Connect on LinkedIn: Morgan Ingram

Chuck Jones:

chuck jones

Managing one of the best SDRs teams in the country is a pretty nice distinction, but it’s one that Chuck rarely touts.  The pressure of managing the SDR team at a company that makes the most popular SDR software would be enough to cripple most SDR leaders, but Chuck has always handled it with a professional yet approachable personality.  What Chuck has built at SalesLoft is a team of young, hungry and highly ambitious SDRs that have been promoted up, throughout the SalesLoft organization.  His ability to prepare his team for the next stage of their careers is world-class.  At a young age, he has quickly become a thought leader in the SDR space, commanding the stage at places like Rainmaker and various SalesHacker events.

Follow him on Twitter:  @_chuckjones

Connect on LinkedIn: Chuck Jones

Jack Veronin:

jack veronin

Selfishly, I believe Jack Veronin is the strongest young SDR Manager in Silicon Valley.  His new-school tactics are radically disrupting the SDR space as a whole.  At EverString, Jack pioneered the concept of “it’s not about what you are saying, but about where you are saying it.” becoming a champion in the space for identifying and communicating with prospects through new channels outside of the phone and email.  His formula for transitioning personalization to relevance has become a topic of conversation at just about every SDR meetup, conference or phone conversation I’ve had in the last few months.  A former student-athlete, Jack believes in the power of practice, coaching and constant improvement.

Follow him on Twitter: @JackVeronin

Connect on LinkedIn: Jack Veronin

Meet the Team from EverString at #Rainmaker17

Headed to Rainmaker next week in Atlanta? Swing by our booth (P1) for some great sales and sales development insight, meet Jack and the team. We’ll even build you a custom audience that fit your ICP (ideal customer profile) on the spot -> I Want My Custom Audience.

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