Getting Rid of ‘Blind Spots’ in Ops

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Getting Rid of 'Blind Spots' in Ops

In order to succeed at Marketing or Sales Ops, you need to be both agile and disciplined. The growing demand for analytics-based planning has increased the responsibilities of sales and marketing ops leaders. And, an increased focus on “data-driven” everything means being at top of your game now is more important than ever.

You wear a lot of hats in this process; from territory design and budgeting to dashboard building and customer profiling, ops is across everything. As these responsibilities and priorities can change dramatically from company to company, it’s no wonder that “blind spots” happen, even to the best ops leaders. Because of this, ops can be a tough thing to nail down, according to Harvard Business Review. Still, at the end of the day, retention is a major responsibility in your role, so you need to use all of the tools at your disposal to make it happen. In the end, you must look for ways to increase sales productivity and attainment.

Keeping your eyes open to opportunities, and weaknesses, is key to avoiding blind spots – here are a few ways you can get started:

1. Get Marketing on the Same Page

The “who” behind sales is the foundation of your success, and it starts with your sales targets. Identifying those accounts is so important, which is why your marketing team needs to be in lockstep with you on who your ideal customer is. The sales team needs to feel confident that marketing is warming up the same accounts that you’re targeting with outbound efforts.
When both teams have access to the same accounts in an AI platform, there is less bickering about which account is the best one to go after – the data speaks for itself. And, it holds both teams accountable for discovering and reaching out to the best accounts in your market.

Intent data produces a real-time snapshot of companies who are already researching your products, or your competitors’ products.

2. Plan and Target More Easily

Within an AI platform, ops can easily filter by criteria most important to them: size, revenue, geographic location, technology stack, etc. When your sales reps are armed with these insights, it makes finding the right sales targets much easier and straightforward.

Clean, trusted, continuously updated company data right at sales’ fingertips is simply an undeniable advantage in this regard. Your reps no longer waste significant time on sales research. You’re able to spend significantly more time with activities that actually produce value (calls, meetings) without sacrificing relevance and personalization.

3. Know When Accounts are in Buying Mode

Most sales teams struggle with finding the right accounts and contacts at the right time. Intent data produces a real-time snapshot of companies who are already researching your products, or your competitors’ products. These active search features, or “surge scores,” let salespeople know when accounts are in buying mode, allowing them to strike while the iron is hot. This is an undeniable advantage when it comes to account prioritization and prospecting, and when it is powered through an account selection platform, it brings even more companies and contacts to light at the right time.

4. Close Deals Faster

Reps can easily prospect directly from the SFDC app without having to wait for anyone to produce a list and push it into a campaign. As soon an SDR hangs up from a good call, they have 10 or more views of prospects that look exactly like that good call at their fingertips. With these types of platforms, you are ensuring that you are going after accounts that are similar the one you just closed. Additionally, it allows you to move faster than your competitors because you are cutting down on prospecting time, and spending more time taking meetings and actually selling.

Staying productive and attaining customers is simply easier and more accurate when you have AI doing the legwork, instead of an SDR scrolling through LinkedIn hoping to hit gold. Try out some of these tips to ensure you are removing ops blind spots for good.

To see how your team can get rid of blind spots in your sales and marketing ops strategy, try out EverString for free with a 7-day trial.

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