Harnessing Your Data’s Inner Knowing

By January 11, 2016
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Enlightenment in nature

Being a demand generation marketer is tough. There is always just so much going on. I am all about finding something that can get you out of “work brain”. I don’t know where I’d be without yoga, it’s like a religion for me.

Coping with the Madness

Every marketer I know has a coping mechanism outside of work to shake off the day. From pottery class to basketball, to meditation–we all have our fix.

For me, yoga is the ultimate release. It’s calming, introspective, and stretches and strengthens my tight muscles that have been sitting at a desk all day (a very nice ergonomic desk with my awesome, funny and brilliant team, but still sitting at a desk nonetheless). The coolest thing, for me anyway, about this practice is the peace I find on my mat in the face of challenging poses, and how it impacts my ability to face life challenges with ease and grace I didn’t know I had.

You know, everything from daily decisions like, salad or burger (sometimes I seriously need the burger), to life decisions—do I take the job? Do I sign the lease? This very grounded peaceful place is there for me whenever some cognitive dissonance pops up to say hello.

Yoga refers to this place as the “inner knowing”—the idea that within ourselves, we have a kind of internal compass. It isn’t almighty or omniscient, it is just more calm, collected, and grounded than our busy mind. It can help us make better decisions.

I think data is the marketer’s “inner knowing”. Our data helps us understand where to hone in on our efforts, make changes, and let’s face it—it knows our customers better than we do. Unlike yoga, we don’t need to head to some kind of practice to tap into this understanding, we just need the right tools!

There are a few kinds of tools in our marketing stack at EverString that help us harness the data we use to better understand our prospects. Here are a few that I am particularly thankful for–the tools that help me harness my work’s “inner knowing”!

Competitive Intelligence

On the inbound team at EverString, competitive intelligence is critical to our content and social strategy. We need to have a very good understanding of the landscape. What are our competitors saying? How is their audience engaging with them? We use TrackMaven internally for this kind of competitive intelligence.

TrackMaven has their hand on the pulse of our social audience. Our social presence is a crucial part of our marketing strategy. Competitive intelligence enables us to track and report out on:

  • Which of our posts resonates the most with our audience on each channel?
  • What is working for our competitors on each channel?
  • How are we doing overall on social?
  • What type of content do our competitors create?

With this insight, we can make decisions on things like tone, topic, and length of our blog and social posts; while also informing overall strategy and budgeting decisions around paid programs.

By tapping into the “inner knowing” of our competitive content and social landscape, we can be much more zen with what we create–because we know what works and what doesn’t work.

Content Metrics

Content is the bread and butter of our marketing organization. And in the age of the buyer, our execs know that creating quality, targeted content for each stage in the buyer journey is essential. If competitive intelligence tools enable us to have the pulse on our social audience, our content management platform, Uberflip, has the pulse on our readers. We can answer questions like:

  • What content gets read the most?
  • Where are customers spending the most time and where they are dropping off?
  • What content is most pertinent to our high performing accounts?
  • Which kind of content results in the most conversions?

With this data, we can be confident in making decisions around what content to create in the future. Not only that, but we regularly look to our content management platform to tell our sales development team which piece of content has the highest conversion rate. Our SDRs only have a few opportunities to reach out to prospects, we want to make sure they are sending out the assets that are most likely to convert.

Predictive Marketing

Shameless self promotion, but we really couldn’t do what we do without our product! As a predictive marketing platform, EverString is at the foundation of all of our sales and marketing efforts. In a sense, predictive marketing can truly be the “inner knowing” because it provides us with deep insight that we, as humans, would never be able to unearth.

Predictive marketing tells us:

  • What kinds of accounts convert the most?
  • What industries are the best fit for our business?
  • What do our best customer look like?
  • What stage of the buying journey applies to each account?

This data informs our day-to-day sales and marketing strategies—from who our SDRs call each day, to our email nurture programs. It determines how we create content, which events we attend, even how our sales and marketing teams work together.

So there you have it. Whether or not you’ve done yoga, you as a data-driven marketer, are harnessing your data’s “inner knowing” every day. For me, that places just a little more trust in my actions as a marketer, and brings a little more ease to my day. Namaste.

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