How to Rock Each and Every Event Using Predictive Marketing

By February 11, 2016
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Marketers; we know you’re under pressure to provide net-new leads (we are too). So let’s just cut to the chase—there’s a solution that will help you generate more, higher quality leads—meet predictive marketing.

Predictive marketing is the practice of extracting information from both existing customer datasets and external data to determine a pattern that predicts future outcomes and trends.

When implemented into the facets of your demand generation efforts, predictive marketing takes you a league beyond demand generation, and into demand acceleration.  Demand acceleration allows you to use your existing marketing channels with a new level of precision to land bigger deals in shorter sales cycles.

But, predictive isn’t a magic silver bullet. You still need to nurture your leads–creating relationships with them overtime. However, predictive does change how you create those relationships, since you have access to much more data than you would otherwise.

Luckily, we wrote a brand new ebook to help you nurture those predictive accounts into customers. Be sure to download our brand new ebook, How to Convert Leads Faster Using Targeted Demand Acceleration for more information.

But for now, we are going to focus on event marketing. As any marketer knows, events are a huge part of the demand generation mix. However, predictive marketing fundamentally changes how you approach events. The full ebook covers how to accelerate leads to become customers by boosting your marketing efforts across all channels and teams, but we’ll give you just preview here.

Provide A Personal Touch With the Right Events

Predictive marketing enables you to be extremely effective in identifying and planning your most worth-while events, and predictive marketing can also minimize costs by ruling out events that aren’t right for you.

From big road shows, to webinars, and dinners, the data gleaned from predictive marketing is critical to help determine which events you should attend or host. To move the needle for your predictive accounts, plan events that are relevant and personalized.

Choose the Right Big Reach Events

It’s important to chose the right events. With all of the cost in travel, sponsorships, exhibitions, and tickets—events add up quickly. And it’s tough to know what events are worth your time. Did you know that your predictive marketing platform can help with these critical decisions?

Check out the list of past attendees for each large show you are considering. How many of your target accounts are on that list? Cross check your target account list with the past event attendee list. You want to be where your targeted accounts are! That alone can do wonders for your time and budget.

Additionally, you can even take that attendee list and score that list using your predictive model. How many accounts on that list are highly qualified to purchase your product and how many of the attendees are not a great fit? Use these methods to help determine what events you should attend.

Before a chosen event, make sure that you take time to set up meetings with your key predictive accounts. This helps you get valuable one-to-one face time, which is critical for building that lasting relationship and making an impression.

Plan Field Marketing Events for Face-time With Target Accounts

In contrast to the large events you attend, field marketing events are intimate gatherings where your prospects can learn about you and your product offerings. You should think about hosting these for the accounts that your sales team are starting to build relationships with.

With your predictive marketing platform, you can now be much more targeted in where you hold events and who you choose to invite to these intimate events—ensuring that you spend your time, resources, and budget on the accounts that are most likely to close. Here are some ideas.

Breakfasts and Dinners

Who doesn’t like pancakes or a night on the town? These events are outside of work hours, which shows you are really trying to create a relationship with a one-to-one, in person conversation. Here, you can learn much more about a buyer’s pain points, so you can better address them in your continued marketing and sales efforts.

Invite a small number of your high scoring accounts to one of these intimate gatherings, facilitating the opportunity for your reps to create valuable relationships that drive the deal forward.

Lunch and Learns

A lunch and learn is an event you’d host in your office with catered food, or you can rent out a room at a restaurant with a projector. Talk about a problem in your industry, best practices, or another hot topic. If you can educate your key accounts on best practices for their roles and industries, you can further foster the trust you need for your prospect to become a customer.

Additionally, it’s a great way to have like-minded people share their thoughts and network. Your predictive marketing platform can help you hone in and get very specialized with these types of events so that you can address the right people and problems.

Out-of-the-Box Invite-Only Events

What else can you think of that will break through the noise? Find budget to buy tickets to cool events. Whether that’s a movie premier, wine tasting, or a sports game, inviting your prospects to do something unique is a great way to stand out. Prospects are more likely to have their guard down and speak candidly if they’re mingling with you at a fun event.

As an example, for the premiere of the new Star Wars movie, EverString rented out an entire theater on opening day to give our prospects and customer an opportunity to see a private showing of a very popular movie.

Use your predictive marketing platform to determine what your high target accounts are into. Identify those target accounts and see if they’ve posted on their social channels about their hobbies or interests. Maybe you find that a target account is really into the Chicago Blackhawks. Find out when they’re coming to town and invite them to a game!

Want to learn about how predictive effects your content, nurture programs, website experience, social media strategy, paid ads, and sales and marketing alignment? Download the ebook!

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