The Importance of Account Matching

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In this video, I’ll break down the importance of account matching for data cleanliness. While there is a fair emphasis on quality of data, matching is an issue that most people aren’t paying enough attention to when it comes to their data. Most data vendors match accounts based on company name and location, which can lead to firmographic data being matched to the wrong account. Modern data providers match using company name, web domain, location and numerous other factors to ensure the right data is matched to the right account.


Video Transcript:

“Hey everybody, Matt Amundson here with another Modern Data Tip. I want to talk to you today about matching. Why is matching so important?

We’re here at 1850 Gateway Drive in San Mateo. There’s a bunch of companies that work in this building. If you match improperly based on something like an address, you could be getting the company data for SpaceTime on Robert Half, or the company data for Robert Half on Golub Group.

And while that data may be correct, it’s matched to the wrong account, and it can severely impact your ability to sell and market effectively.”

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