[Infographic] Forging a New Path: How Predictive Marketing Analytics Boosts B2B Business Performance

By February 29, 2016
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There is a lot of talk about how predictive marketing helps marketers be more efficient and drive more pipeline for their organization, but what type of data exists to back up this claim? Luckily, a lot of your fellow marketers are adopting predictive marketing as a key piece of the marketing stack–so data is flowing in on the effectiveness of predictive as a marketing strategy.

In the age of the buyer, marketers are now the primary owners of the customer journey. With that responsibility comes great pressure to drive demand and attract the right kind of attention.

EverString teamed up with Forrester to create a report to understand how predictive marketing impacts sales and marketing efforts.

Take a look at the infographic to understand how predictive marketers stay a step ahead, instead of playing catch up. And see some detailed stats on how predictive affects b2b marketers and their organizations.

You can also see the full Forrester report here.

EverString_Predictive Marketing_IG (1)


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