Intent the Hottest Ticket to ROI, a ‘Blended’ Approach to ABM, and the Future of B2B Storytelling

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What's Trending in B2B

For this month’s edition of our news roundup, we’ll talk about our recent customer spotlight, the next wave of ABM, and the future of B2B storytelling as we head into 2018. We’ll also shine a light on intent data and how it’s becoming the hottest data technology for keeping sales and marketing teams competitive. Read below to find out more:

1. Mollie Bodensteiner, VP of Marketing at FunnelWise, Reflects on Marketing Technology

In a recent MarTech Interview Series post, Mollie reflects on the development of machine learning and predictive analytics, and the ways in which they will both shape marketing in the years to come. She also discusses the evolution of funnel metrics and the role of data that’s growing for many B2B sales and marketing thought leaders. She also discusses how FunnelWise measures the performance of campaigns through engagement, qualification conversion, pipeline generation and influenced revenue, all of which will play a huge role in B2B heading into 2018.

Interview with Mollie Bodensteiner, VP of Marketing, FunnelWise

2. Intent Data is ROI’s Hottest Up-and-Coming Power Source

TechTarget CMO John Steinert stated in a recent MarTech Today article that purchase intent is nothing new, and we are already using it – after all, demand gen marketers have been closely following customer behaviors for quite some time. However, he argues that having intent data easily accessible in your existing workflow could make it that much easier to take the actions necessary to achieve optimal ROI. When it comes to marketing and sales ROI, it seems that intent is really having a moment.

3. Traackr CMO Kirk Crenshaw Finds Focus in Influencer Marketing with EverString

At Traackr, which develops one-of-a-kind influencer marketing software, CMO Kirk Crenshaw and his team are looking to ramp up their account-based marketing program with authenticity in mind. Not only does this blog talk about the growing expansion of influencer marketing and its impact on conversions, but it also talks about Kirk’s background in marketing and why he thinks focus and targeted account selection is bringing about sea change in marketing.

“Marketing is at an intersection of authenticity and measurement. It’s going to come down to companies figuring out how to scale and build off of being authentic,” he explained. Don’t miss Kirk’s unique views on marketing and storytelling in our latest customer spotlight.

Traackr Finds Focus in Influencer Marketing with EverString

4. The Future of B2B Storytelling

Speaking of authenticity, this eye-opening wrap-up in the Holmes Report highlights a roundtable in San Francisco that is all about demystifying technology and instead showing real-world scenarios where sales has truly made a difference. Some of the speakers include representatives from Salesforce, Prezi, Preempt and Lumina, who discussed the growing “human element” in B2B, making emotional connections and developing content with consistent messaging that ties in all of these components. With storytelling becoming more and more of a factor in B2B sales and marketing, this one is a timely and compelling read.

5. The Next Wave of ABM: A Blended Strategy?

This recent MarTech Today article delves into the category of the ABM landscape and how it has fundamentally changed B2B marketing. However, now that ABM has arrived, what does the next wave look like? Contributors Jessica Fewless and Rob Levitt take a dive into the one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-many strategies behind ABM, and discuss why a blended approach to all three just might be the the more sophisticated way to ensure B2B orgs are covering all the bases with enablement moving forward.

The next wave of ABM: A blended approach (Part 1)

That’s it for this week’s edition of What’s Trending in B2B – tune in next time to hear about all of the cool things happening in sales, marketing and everything in between!

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