[Interactive Content] Money Trees Are the Perfect Place for Shade: Predictive Scoring Cheatsheet

By March 3, 2016
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Okay, we went a little crazy, and made an interactive predictive scoring cheatsheet featuring some of your radio’s (and maybe your) favorite artists. You have to check it out. What do Bieber, Drake, Kendrick, and others have to do with predictive scoring? Well, you will have to view our cheatsheet to find out.

Because at this point, we all know that when the hotline blings, it can only mean one thing. Drake never quite qualifies what that something is, but for our purposes, it’s a hot lead. It’s a hot lead, that’s a great fit for your business, and she needs your attention. How do we know this? Because of scoring.

There’s all kinds of scoring out there. In the heart of the data-driven marketing revolution, the more data we can use to understand our buyers the better. In one way or another, scoring has become an essential part of the marketing stack.

But why do marketers and sales reps need predictive scoring? Because predictive scoring prioritizes databases so that marketing and sales can spend their time on the right accounts. Without scoring, you are spending an equal amount of time on every account—wasting time and resources.

In this interactive cheatsheet, we’ll explain what predictive scoring actually is, and how to use it with the help of some talented friends and their hit singles. Check out the experience below or view it fullscreen here.

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