Introducing AI-Assisted Sales and Marketing

By May 14, 2017
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Since EverString’s founding in 2014, the positive impact of data science on sales and marketing has grown enormously. The most recent wave of EverString’s innovations are focused on automation and bringing the most powerful capabilities directly into the hands of front-line marketing and sales professionals.

EverString gives organizations and teams access to powerful artificial intelligence and comprehensive data without the need for heavy training, onboarding, or an administrator. We have always been committed to developing high-impact applications through data science so that B2B marketing and sales teams can outperform their goals. Through our team’s focused R&D, EverString has evolved from an idea into the first AI-assisted sales and marketing platform.

Artificial Intelligence Explained

There has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI) in the past few years across many industries, so it’s important to first understand what it is. In the simplest sense, artificial intelligence is the capacity of a machine to perform operations similar to human learning and decision making. At EverString, we enable this through machine learning, giving computers the ability to process information without being explicitly programmed. When a machine can learn and solve problems, it can perform functions that used to require human intelligence. This enables machines to offload burdensome tasks, simplifying day-to-day activities and freeing people’s time to spend on the highest-value activities.

AI is everywhere: Many of us are already using it to make our personal lives easier and better. Voice-activated assistants tell us where to go and how to get there, rerouting us in real-time based on local conditions. Recommendation engines embedded in entertainment services like Netflix and Amazon offer highly relevant suggestions for movies, TV shows, and music. Self-driving cars process and adapt to surroundings and changing situations like a human would.

AI has proven its ability to make our day-to-day personal lives more efficient, and now you can use AI to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

What is “AI-assisted sales and marketing”?

More is expected of sales and marketing teams than ever before. Accountability and transparency into performance have increased significantly in the past few years, making it clear to the entire company exactly how marketing and sales teams are performing.

From tracking multiple sales touch points to social media and events, doing the actual leg work of prospecting can take up a significant part of your team’s time. Time is your most valuable resource, and sales and marketing teams are best served by focusing their efforts on building meaningful interpersonal relationships and reaching out to more qualified prospects.

That is why EverString has focused its innovation on making AI available through a real-time, intuitive, self-service platform to enable prospecting, sales intelligence and predictive marketing. With EverString Audience Platform, sales and marketing teams can:

  • Quickly and easily identify the most relevant new prospects using EverString’s similar companies capabilities and proprietary machine learning keywords.
  • Use real-time predictive scoring to better align resources with business goals.
  • Fuel an ABM strategy by automating target account selection.
  • Take the guesswork out of prospecting by utilizing an intuitive, accurate and powerful AI-assisted platform.
  • Access a single-source of truth for data, including account and sales intelligence, which is shared by marketing and sales.

The notion of “boiling the ocean,” or analyzing every single company in the market, once seemed like an impossibility. Engagement marketing taught a decade of marketers to only focus on the prospects that responded to their online marketing. For some, account-based marketing created expectations of high-touch integrated programs with higher investment on a smaller set of accounts. Yet, many marketers and salespeople still struggle with the critical first step of any account-based effort – target account selection.

AI-assisted platforms are already driving predictive marketing and sales

Through the combination of a comprehensive, account-centric data layer and self-service access to an AI platform designed specifically for sales and marketing teams, companies now don’t have to give up on speed, accuracy, or reach. With EverString, you can segment, build and analyze your audience based on past sales and marketing wins, giving you more time to pursue account-based marketing and sales goals as well as new market expansion and pipeline prioritization.

There are several leading companies that have already experienced success in these areas with the help of EverString’s AI-powered Audience Platform:

  • VersionOne, a leader in Agile and DevOps software solutions, utilized EverString to identify target accounts and relevant contacts that were the best fit for their solutions. Since partnering with EverString, VersionOne has been able to increase engagement by an impressive 88 percent.
  • SalesLoft, one of the biggest names in sales development and communication software, has seen an 115 percent improvement in conversions to appointments since signing on with EverString.
  • Apttus, a leader in quote-to-cash software, has experienced a 60 percent increase in conversion calls from integrated campaigns thanks to EverString.

We are now living in the golden age of AI, so you shouldn’t be selling and marketing without the help of technology, and you shouldn’t be limited by your existing database. AI-assisted sales and marketing enables you to build pipeline in less time, freeing your team to focus more of their time and resources where they will have the biggest impact, and helping you outperform your goals like never before.

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