Introducing The EverString Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool

By July 13, 2016
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There is always a new hot marketing tool or tactic on the marketing scene. It’s tough to keep up!

Ever wonder how your marketing practices compare to your peers? Or what steps you should take to better engage business buyers? Find out with this interactive assessment!

Changing buyer dynamics create challenges for B2B marketers. As business buyers educate themselves independently about your company’s products and services their buying journeys become more complex, making prospective buyers harder to engage. This puts pressure on marketing to:

  1. Better identify prospects most likely to buy and customize your communication in ways that increase the likelihood they will convert to customers.
  2. Efficiently engage buyers with high potential lifetime value earlier in their purchase process.
  3. The most sophisticated marketers — Predictive Marketers — use predictive marketing analytics to guide their decisions and actions in these areas.

EverString commissioned Forrester to create a self-assessment that evaluates your organization’s readiness to become a Predictive Marketer and delivers customized recommendations depending on how you compare to our benchmark study. The assessment should take you less than two minutes to complete. Please answer each question to the best of your ability. There are no right or wrong answers.

Get your assessment now!

Click Here to Get Your 2-Minute Assessment! V2


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