It’s Time To Give a Voice to Your Inner Blogger

By July 12, 2016
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Let’s talk about you and your expertise. Whether you have been in your role for 15  years or you are fresh out of college in your first job, you have a story to tell and audience that wants to hear it.


There has been a shift over the past decade toward a mass communication of ideas. From bite sized insights on twitter, to articles on LinkedIn Pulse, to company blogging programs, the average person is encouraged to have a voice in many different ways—and on many different platforms. It’s no longer up to the industry veteran to come out with hardcover books on best practices. The door is open to anyone, anywhere in their careers to share their methods or musings of success for the industry to ponder and (maybe) enjoy.


Here at EverString we have an internal (and external!) blogging program that features thought leadership from our Sales Development Reps, to our CEO and President. Each blog is valuable because each blog appeals to someone that could evangelize our brand or our product.

Now, this blog is actually not about starting your own internal blogging program, which I do totally recommend, but we will talk about that another time. THIS blog is about igniting that little flame that is telling you that YOU have something to say that people want to read—and to entertain you a bit with the power of memes.

How many conferences have you been to? How many of the sales and marketing “hot” tactics have your tried that have turned out to be a major hit or a major waste of time? How many times have you wanted to explain to people in your company what your team actually does for the business? People want to read about that. They want to read it, Tweet it, repeat it, and learn from it.


THAT being said, I want to invite you to use the EverString blog as you soap box. Consider writing a guest blog!!

Guest Blog Guidelines:

  • Stick to topics about sales and marketing
  • No hard sell blog posts
  • All posts should be educational and thought leadership
  • Make sure your posts say something unique–(refrain from Twitter 101 posts)
  • Make sure your posts are original content–(no re-posts from other blogs)

Interested? Send your blog post to and a member of the content team will get back to you. We will work with you and your content to get it where it needs to be for publishing. We put PAID promotion behind every blog, and have our entire company base Tweet about it. Once  your post is live, we will send you your t-shirt!

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